Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

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You’ve just packed into a new home, and need some time to get familiar with the neighbors and the scenery. Ideally, many homeowners do not fancy the idea of having “prying eyes” that look into their apartments. So, what do they do? They look for the best ways to reduce the chances of third-party access into the home, especially by proxy. That triggered the growing trend of searching for cheap ways to block neighbors’ view.

Why Should Block Neighbors View?

Why would anyone want to block the view of his or her neighbors? Aren’t they supposed to be living in harmony? The reasons for that vary. For some homeowners, they simply don’t want to entertain prying eyes, especially when they are away or inside the home. To some others, they just optimum privacy. In some rare cases, some homeowners want to block neighbors’ view because they want to hide some unattractive views in their homes.

Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View

Whichever is the case, your privacy is exclusive, and you have the right to decide who is let into your privacy and who is restricted. So, here are some of the cheap ways to block neighbors’ view or anyone that may be passing by without breaking a sweat.

  • Tall Hedges

Do you realize that one of the reasons you would always stay indoors most often is because of the prying eyes that are focused on your patio or any other outdoor location in your home? You can stop that and have maximum privacy when you begin to grow tall hedges.

The tall hedges would simply be planted, thereby creating a fence between your backyard and that of your neighbors. What’s more? It is a perfect way of adding natural looks to your home. You may also consider going for the shorter hedges that can cover some parts of the house before they blossom into taller fences in the future.


  • Tree and Shrubs

You would be doing more good for your home and nature when you consider planting trees and shrubs. Trees, especially the potted variants, help to protect the environment from natural disasters like floods. On the other hand, the combination with shrubs helps to add more glamour to the looks of the home.

The general rule is to plant the trees and shrubs in proximity to your backyard. That way, you can shut off prying eyes while leaving enough space within the center for your relaxation.


  • Portable Partition

Your dreams of having privacy within specific areas in your home may be thwarted by the cost factor. So, the best thing to do when stuck on that is to get a portable partition. The partition allows you to move it around to the area you need privacy at a particular time.

That way, you can move it around while using it for many needs. The best thing about the portable partition is that it allows you to extend it to the full length or keep it shorter; depending on the area, you intend to cover.


  • Living Walls

It’s one thing to build short fences and walls to cover some parts of your home. It is another to ensure that no prying eye gets past the openings in the barriers. That informs the reason why many homeowners are buying the idea of using living walls as one of the cheap ways to block neighbors’ view.

The concept here is simple. You have to build a short wall that primarily covers some parts of your backyard. Then, you would fill many flower boxes with soil and greenery of your choice. The boxes would then be hung from a lattice screen.

You may also want to stuff some of the greeneries into the openings in the walls for added privacy. Remember to include trailing plants on the boxes, because they provide additional cover between the boxes.


  • Use Outdoor Curtains

The use of outdoor curtains comes in handy on two occasions. The first is when you spend limited time outdoors. The other is when you don’t want to commit to a permanent privacy feature in your backyard.

The outdoor curtains are not only cheap but also easy to use. All you need do is to wires around the patio. Otherwise, you may consider attaching the curtains to a rope or porch railings to hold the curtains in place.


  • Set Up A Lattice Fence

The lattice fence is also helpful when looking for cost-effective ways of securing the privacy of your home. You only need to get wooden boards or posts and paint to create a uniform color of the fence and the home.

The lattice fence can be set up by attaching the wooden boards or posts firmly on the ground. The next step would be to add enough lattices to cover the posts or boards.


  • Stone Wall

You should note that the traditional might in no time, begin to give in to the overbearing of the sun, especially in summer. Hence, you may want that is solid and can stand the test of time.


  • Corrugated Metal Fence

It’s time to make the most out of the corrugated metals that have been lying around your home for long. The rule of thumb is to gather the corrugated metals and to use the same to create a fence around your patio and backyard.

The height you tend to derive depends on the height of the metals. So, if the metals are short but you need a higher fence, you may consider adding some on top and joining them together using carpenter’s nails.


  • Rustic Privacy Screen

Everyone doesn’t need to have the metal wall screen before they can block neighbors’ view. You can get some flexible bamboos and make a coarse privacy screen. Remember to leave some spaces between them for air to pass through.


  • Trellis Frame

The trellis frame is no doubt, an affordable privacy feature you can use in your home. The fantastic thing about it is that you can use it anywhere, such as in your patio, and the front entryway.

It’s also possible to plant some greenery around it. They would, over time, grow to cover the frame. On the other hand, the trellis frame should have some woven-like spaces in them for air to pass.


Block Neighbors’ View At No Cost

There’s no hi-tech approach to blocking neighbors’ view that wouldn’t dip some holes in your pocket. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to leverage the cheap ways to prevent neighbors’ view as was highlighted in the article.

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