Fast Growing Evergreen Trees for Privacy

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It is no news that people have been advised to grow trees within their environs to help in the drive for effective control of natural disasters. While the growth of trees has been playing many positive roles in that regard, it should also be noted that the growth of trees could also help in protecting you and your household from prying eyes. Yes, trees can also be used for privacy, and you would discover all there is to it subsequently.

Evergreen Trees are Used for Privacy

The notion that “trees are protective” begs the question, “which of the trees can be used for such a purpose?” Evergreen trees have been fingered to be one of the particular kinds of trees that can be used for privacy. They are mostly preferred because of two reasons. The first is that evergreen trees bloom throughout the year. The second and most important is that they have been used over the years for that purpose (privacy). They have also been found to be living up to expectations.

fast growing evergreen trees for privacy

Evergreen trees lend the security features by casting shadows on the spaces that had hitherto been open. On the other hand, the trees take a definite pattern with the row-like arrangement that comprises neatly shaped trees that lend more aesthetics to the environs.

The Fast Growing Evergreen Trees Used for Privacy

The task, therefore, is to select the fast-growing evergreen trees for privacy. We have simplified that for you. All you need do is to read on to discover some of the evergreen trees you can rely on for privacy while creating foliage of fresh green and tall trees. Note that the selection of any of the trees, as would be detailed below, depends on specific factors. For instance, you need to understand that some of them shed foliage that may mess your yard. You also need to be conscious of the growing zones of the trees. That would help you make an informed decision against buying one that doesn’t work well in the climate in your home.

If you’re ready to learn about them, then the list below would be helpful.

  • Leyland Cypress

Although the Leyland Cypress evergreen tree has a slender body frame, it is nonetheless famous for the rapid growth rate. With a 70 feet height and a width of about 30 feet, the tree needs full exposure to direct sunlight of up to six (6) hours in a day.

Reputed for the full coverage, it lends to the backyards; the Leyland Cypress also adapts to varieties of soil types. The ability to withstand different weather conditions makes it the perfect choice for homeowners that are looking for fast-growing trees for privacy. Besides, it can bloom in both the cold and the warm climates, just as it can attain up to three (3) feet per year. Perhaps the most fantastic thing about the evergreen tree is the adaptability to many places, such as parks, homes, and campuses. So, no matter the place you intend to use the Leyland Cypress evergreen tree, you can be confident that it can work in different climates.


  • American Holly

There’s no denying that pests and diseases could be the cog in the wheels of the growth of evergreen trees for privacy. That informs the reason why many homeowners are happy for the pest and the disease resistance on the American Holly. The tree does not only resist those as mentioned above but also creates a screen/privacy hedge against your home.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the extreme growth of the tree that can take a few months. That is not leaving out the by the popping of bright berries from the thick dark green foliage, especially during the winter season. Above all, you would need to maintain well-trimmed grass bed lawns in your yard to get the best out of the American Holly evergreen tree.


  • Thuja Green Giant

As the name suggests, the Thuja Green Giant evergreen tree is one of the options you have when looking for fast-growing evergreen trees for privacy. The tree is highly sought because of the dual blossoming in both the cold and the warm climates. What’s more? You can be sure that the tree would work well in various types of soils.

The Thuja Green Giant came into more prominence during the French Renaissance when it was widely used to create luxurious outlooks in vast landscapes. Ever since then, it has been used in many homes around the globe to protect specific areas of the house from intruders.

While the tree can bloom on its accord, you also need to make inputs at intervals. One such contribution is the occasional pruning that helps the tree to maintain the shape.


  • Weeping Podocarpus

This is one evergreen tree you can’t afford to miss. The Weeping Podocarpus is the perfect pick for homeowners that live in either California or Florida. It is also ideal for use in both the southern and the coastal areas. Moreover, the tree demands dry soil, and drought tolerance is one of the reasons why it can thrive in mildly salty conditions.

The privacy feature it offers stems from various features, such as the 20 feet width and the 45 feet height. With such tremendous height and width, you can be confident that the Weeping Podocarpus can cover the needed areas in the home.


  • Hybrid Willow Tree

The appearance of the Hybrid Willow (evergreen) Tree on the list is not unconnected to the rapid growth pace, and the fencing it offers when it blooms. It can attain up to 45 feet in rows, 20 feet in width, and up to 75 feet for the height. It also needs partial exposure to the sun of up to 6 hours in a day.

On the other hand, the Hybrid Willow Tree can withstand drought but would need a lot of water when need be. More so, it can adapt to different situations, such as thriving in cold environments and drying out in swampy soil.

Worthy of note is that the tree would not have a hard time in blooming provided it is properly spaced.


Plant Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees for Privacy

Your yard needs any of the fast-growing evergreen trees you can lay your hands on. The trees’ reputation for covering massive areas in the home is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to get one to create a fence in your backyard or any other part of your home.

Hopefully, you have gotten ideas of some of the evergreen trees you should be looking for. Now, find out if the preferred tree(s) can adapt to the climate and the soil conditions in your home. All things being equal, you can use any of the ideas above to fence your house without hassles.