Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal with Ferns: How To Hang Ferns on Your Front Porch

Last Updated on February 19, 2020 by Ecorf

Hanging ferns on the front porch is a classic, simple, and timeless way to add a little color and life to your home.  Ferns make a wonderful addition to any porch and go a long way to improving curb appeal, without having to do a total facelift to your home’s facade.  Ferns on their own are a beautiful addition, but you can take it up a step by hanging them right in your eye-line in some stellar planters. Hanging planters come in all shapes and sizes, but you can also work some DIY magic to complement your home’s total design scheme.  As popular a design idea as it is, not all of us have hands-on experience with creating it from scratch. So here are a few tips on how to hang ferns on your front porch.  

How To Hang Ferns on Your Front Porch

Prepare Your Hooks

Regardless of if you DIY your hanging planters or buy them finished, likely you will have to place the hooks yourself.  Depending on your desired location, you can either place ceiling hooks or wall brackets to hang your planters from. Ceiling hooks will work wonderfully if you have an extended or wrap-around front porch, where brackets will work best if you only have wall space to work with.  

In order to hang ceiling hooks you will need to make sure to pick a sturdy spot, keeping in mind the weight of the planter you are hanging.  You will then want to make a pilot hole for your ceiling hook before screwing in the hook. Once screwed in, make sure your hook is sturdy before placing your planter. For a more detailed guide, check out this article from

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal with Ferns: How To Hang Ferns on Your Front Porch

Unlike ceiling hooks, brackets are a little more visible which gives you an extra opportunity for some flair. You can pick decorative brackets that complement your fixtures and create a very polished and cohesive look for your front porch. For brackets, you will need to consider the weight of your planter (with plant!) and the material which you are screwing the bracket into.  If the weight is high, you may need to anchor your screws, instead of just screwing the bracket into the wall. If you need to anchor your screw, you will need to make a pilot holes to place the anchors before being able to get started.  

Pick Your Fern

When you are looking to add some life to your front porch, you want to make sure you are picking a fern that will survive and thrive in the environment.  Consult a garden center in your area when picking ferns. Fairview Garden Center suggests Boston Ferns and Queen Kimberly Ferns specifically for front porches due to the way they take to planters and the vibrant colors and structures they possess. 

Pick Your Planter

Planters of every size, shape, and style are available for purchase.  When picking a planter, make sure it is a good shape and size for the type of fern you are looking to hang.  If you can’t find an off the rack planter that pleases you, you have plenty of choices to DIY your own.

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal with Ferns: How To Hang Ferns on Your Front Porch

Mix and Match

If you can’t find one cohesive planter, you can mix and match a hanger of your choice with a planter.  Try something like this planter hanger so you can choose your favorite pot (maybe it’s one you already own) and spruce up your front porch.  

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal with Ferns: How To Hang Ferns on Your Front Porch

Total DIY

If you are decorating on a budget or just have a specific vision, you can totally DIY your own hanging planter for your front porch fern.  Try this DIY for a Macrame Planter Holder or this one for a hanging shelf planter to add some personality to your porch. 

Caring For Your Ferns

Once you have your ferns picked and your planters placed and hung, you want to make sure your ferns are as beautiful and vibrant as the day you hang them.  Like any plant, you want to make sure they maintain moisture and have the nutrients they need.  

Ferns aren’t like cacti and need to be watered occasionally to maintain their moisture.  When you hang ferns, keep in mind that they will dry out quicker than planted ferns and you should keep an eye on them to keep them healthy.

Like all plants, ferns get their necessary nutrients in their soil.  They are a tropical green that will thrive on a tailored fertilizer formula.  Fairview Garden Center suggests one that is water-soluble and nitrogen-rich (like this one).

Ferns make a classic addition to any front porch.  They have a sweeping structure and a deep green pop of color that adds dimension to your facade.  For a little extra character, you can DIY your own planters and hang them either from decorative wall brackets or the ceiling of your porch.  Just keep in mind the weight of your plants and planters when hanging and pick appropriate places to hang your hooks. Once hung, make sure to maintain your ferns so they stay happy and beautiful.  Don’t let dead plants kill that curb appeal you worked so hard on!