How Do Incense Burners Work?

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Incense is a type of aromatic plant material that has been used for centuries to produce fragrant smoke. The practice of burning incense was introduced in China during the Shang Dynasty, between 1600 and 1100 BC. This introduction eventually spread throughout Asia then Europe

The backflow incense burner is a type of incense burner that uses the heat to create smoke, not light. It works by heating up the charcoal and allowing it to burn slowly. The heat causes air currents to pass through the charcoal, which then creates smoke.

How do you use incense stick burners?

A: To use incense stick burners, you need to light the end of the stick on fire. Once it is lit, you can place the burning end into a bowl or other container that will hold your incense sticks. The smoke from the burning end will then rise up and fill your room with an aromatic scent.


Incense burners are used to create a pleasant smell. The “waterfall incense burner” is a type of incense burner that uses water to help the burning process.

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