How To Decorate Dining Table When Not In Use

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There are many ways you can decorate your dining table, even when it is not in use. After all, the table needs to be well-kept at all times, and not only when you need its services. To some homeowners, it can be an arduous task to look for some of the methods they can use to decorate this useful furniture. If you’ve been going back and forth on the decoration of your dining table when it’s not used, then you need to read on to find clues.

What Options Do You Have?

Ideally, you may want to pick out books to stack in the center of the table. If you’re not a bookworm or you think lots of books make no sense being on the table when they ought to be on the shelves, then you may like to place a bowl of fruit in the center. Otherwise, putting a full vase of hand-picked, decorative flowers or spacing out candles could be other ways to decorate the dining table when not in use.

Whichever option drums the beat for you, always ensure that the dance steps are patterned in a way that the table is not left cluttered in the end.

Tips on How To Decorate a Dining Table When Not in Use

The dining table can look “deserted” and bare when there’s no food on the table or any hopes for one to be there soon. So, you need to use any of the steps below to bring back the shine to the table.

  • Modern Art and Pottery Pieces

Art lovers would find this the perfect decorative piece they can ever use on their dining table. The rule of thumb is to place the more significant art (preferably a sculpture) in the center of the table, and the other smaller arts/pottery pieces around it. That way, the dining table would get a facelift while not being cluttered at the same time.


  • Place a Bowl of Fresh Fruit on the Table

What is the other way do you need to be reminded to take some fruits before any meal? The idea here is to fill a bowl with varieties of fruits, such as apples and oranges.

Things can be tricky, though! Do not be tempted to select large bowls that can distort the aesthetical look you intended to create. Instead, opt for smaller and large containers that can take up many fruits at the same time without compromising on the available space. Also, use a decorative bowl that tallies with the décor of the dining room. Above all, remember to check on the fruits at intervals, and be sure to replace the over-ripened ones.


  • Add Lighting to the Room Using Candles

Placing candles at specific points in the dining table wouldn’t be a bad idea. Instead, it’s an excellent way to light up the surroundings to give the impression that someone is there when none is there in the real sense.


  • Leave the Table Bare

There’s no arguing that the quest to discover how to decorate a dining table when not in use is for two primary reasons. The first is to cover up the table. The second is to take off the attention of the unattractiveness of the table’s surface.

On the contrary, if your dining table is decorative in the real sense of the word, you may want to leave it bare. After all, what’s there to cover when the finishing of the table is inviting?


  • Stack Books on the Table

This is the bookworms’ favorite. Stacking the books on the table does not only create a unique focal point but is a reminder of sorts for you to pick up one and read when you’re less busy. The perfect selection of books should be within the ambient of the books you find interesting and the sturdy ones.

Also, some other consideration is the hardcover books that are often regarded as coffee table books. So, there would be no fuss or raised eyebrows for having books on the dining table instead of meals. Besides, selecting books based on their sizes can be another option. The rule of thumb is to place the books from the smallest to the highest.


  • Place a Flower Vase on the Table

Placing a flower vase on the dining table is an excellent way to bring back the natural scenery/touch to your dining room.


  • Framed Photographs

Are you a picture freak, or have you run out of ideas on the items to place on a dining table when it is bare? Your framed photographs or that of family members and loved ones can suffice in that instance. Here, you have to select the smallest of the framed pictures, and depending on the diameter and structure of the dining table, you may have to place the frames at the edges of the table.


  • Potted Plants

The potted plants are not exclusive to your balcony. There are still options for you to bring the same into your dining room, but they need to be smaller/compact. Plants like cactus and small ferns can suffice.

The potted plants add greenery to the room and can be placed at specific points in the table or allowed to run down the middle of the table.


  • Keep Themed Centerpieces on the Table

Is Christmas approaching? Perhaps it’s another Valentine’s Day in the offing. These events provide clues on how to decorate a dining table when not in use. The themes can be changed depending on the occasions or events.

On the one hand, summer might need your placing a cluster of tiny pumpkins on the table. On the other hand, a red or pink flower vase is perfect for Valentine. So, continually change the themes depending on the trending event.


  • Spread a Decorative Cloth over the Table

A decorative table cloth can be used to decorate the dining table when it is not in use. Have in mind that the cloth must be decorative in the real sense of the word.


Decorate Your Dining Table When Not in Use

Except your dining table is decorative already, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the decorative tips offered above. Do you have any other you want to share? Let us know via the comment section!