How To Hide A Well Cover In Your Yard

Last Updated on February 19, 2020 by Ecorf

You have an old well on your property that gives an unpleasant look to the new landscaping project you intend to use on your property. Indeed, well covers are necessary for safety, but they’re not always attractive for many landscaping projects. So, what do you do? Conceal it!

As thrilling as it sounds, you may have some difficulty in covering the well cover in your yard. On that note, we present you with decoration ideas that you can use to make the covers blend into your landscaping.

How Can I Hide a Well Cover in My Yard?

Many options are available to homeowners that want to hide the well cover in their yard. Find some of them below.

  • Raised Garden Beds

Has it occurred to you that the well cover in your yard can be converted into a raised flower bed? Now you know!

The rule here is to ensure that the raised flower bed that conceals the well cover should tally with the entire landscaping. From what we have here, you can see that the flowers rhyme with the greenish landscape. So, use this as an inspiration to hide the well cover in your yard.


  • Plant Hedges Around It

It is that time of the season when you need to engage in planting. The well cover in your yard that hitherto caused an unpleasant sight can now serve a meaningful purpose. You can hide it by planting hedges around it.

However, if the well still supplies water to your house, then you may consider engaging the services of a local professional to raise a pump above the well for a unified look. Also, ensure that the hedges are kept low to prevent them from getting into the lines.


  • Add Some Vintage Look

Interestingly, you can recreate your landscaping by adding a vintage look on your well cover. You can achieve this by molding the exterior of the well cover with more sturdy materials. Afterward, you can use some iron/metals to create a raised bar above the well with a bucket to add an old-fashioned look to your landscape.


  • Hide the Well Cover with Potted Plants

Here is a variation that beautifies your hitherto “ugly” well cover. The presence of potted plants atop and around the well cover helps to add some extra shades of beauty to your landscape.

Ideally, you may want to place potted plants atop the cover and baskets/buckets of the same around it. You can also spice things up by decorating the floor with hollow fake rocks and a creative penthouse to cover everything.


  • Raise What You Sow

The secret here is to raise some bar above the well cover. You can also consider planting your favorite plants atop the circled space to create a classic look.

The look on your visitors’ face would be priceless when they try to figure out the exact spot your well cover had been.


Hide the Well Cover in Your Yard

Hopefully, the tips we offered in this guide would get you started on your plans to incorporate your old well cover into your landscape.

Do share the new look of your home’s landscape when you’re done. We’ll value that! Meanwhile, which of the decoration ideas caught your fancy? Which would you like to use to hide the well cover in your yard? Use the comment section to air your views.