How to Light a Backflow Incense?

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The most straightforward way to light a backflow incense is by using fire. This method, of course, will use more fuel than an electric lighter or match but if you have access to these methods it would be your best bet.

The “backflow incense cones” is a type of incense that can be lit using a match or lighter. It’s used to release smoke from the top of the cone, which then flows down and out through the bottom.

How do you use a backflow cone?

A: A backflow cone is used to prevent water from flowing back into the sink when you are washing dishes. It is a device that has a tube in it, and it is placed on top of the drain of the sink. The tube allows water to flow through it, but prevents any other liquid from coming out of the sink.

Is it OK to inhale incense smoke?

A: Incense is a type of smoke that contains chemicals. Smoke from incense can irritate the lungs and cause coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or other respiratory problems. Its best to avoid inhaling incense smoke.


The backflow incense burner can be lit by using a match or lighter. The heat from the flame will cause the charcoal to release smoke, which will fill the room with fragrance. Reference: how do backflow incense burners work.

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