How to Make a Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas

Last Updated on February 26, 2020 by Ecorf

Do you want to have a refreshed day? Then jump into your bathtub right now and take a refreshing under warm or cold water, depending on how you want it. Indeed, bathing has since evolved from activity to keep the body clean.

Many homeowners are now looking at ways to enrich their bathrooms. Bathtubs are the favorite of many, but you can make some other things out of it. That is where the wooden bathtub design comes in. You can direct your favorite furniture maker to make any of these designs for you.

Are you wondering about how to make a wooden bathtub design ideas? It is noted that wood and water are incompatible. But, the ideas on this list would help you redesign your bathroom for a fascinating and cozy look.

Undoubtedly, here is one of the best wooden bathtub design ideas you can get out there, and you should strive to get one. More interesting is the fact that it is portable, which makes it easier for you and a helper to move it to different parts of your home.

Besides, the sleek wooden finish would add some extra shades to your bathroom.


  • Custom Wooden Bathtub

Do you fancy an extra touch of class in your home? You may not have the funds to add some expensive furniture to your living room. But, you can take the classy look to your bathroom with this idea.

Ideally, the portable nature of this wooden bathtub is something that would immediately catch your fancy. However, some other things would make you fall in love with this wooden bathtub. That is the custom design that comes with the tub.

All you need do is pick the design you want while your furniture maker makes it a reality. Interestingly, you can place orders for it in different kinds, such as walnut, maple, and oak. It can also be fabricated using other types of wood, including white oak, figured maple, and Sapele.


  • Salish Sea Bathtub

There’s nothing wrong with looking forward to a cruise. But, when that is not forthcoming, you may want to try your hands on some other things. Look at it from another angle – order for a wooden bathtub!

The inspiration we have here brings back the craving you may have for a vessel to take you across the seas. Now, you can have the same experience in your home when bathing in this wooden bathtub.

Note that this is not your everyday bathtub. You must be prepared to spend a great deal of money to get it. On the other hand, you would be pleased with the different types of wood used to make it. Ideally, creating this bathtub demands over 200 variations of the Sapele wood before you can derive this perfect finish.


  • Epic Wooden Bathtub

Aha! Here comes another wooden bathtub design idea you can’t afford to miss. It is ideal for homeowners that want that extra shine in their bathroom but are tight on budget.

From a distant angle, you may be forgiven to think that this is a gold-plated bathtub. Only a closer look would reveal the various wooden collections used to make this masterpiece. Besides, you would like the exquisite feeling of luxury and coziness that comes with using this piece.


  • Barrelback Custom Wooden Bathtub

This variation of the wooden bathtub had not been around for some time. That is because the original copies were scarce. However, you can get your hands on this modified version to enjoy the bliss that comes with bathing in a boat-like bathtub.

Also, the sleek wooden finish and the additional modifications like the steering wheel and windscreen make it perfect for homeowners that love adventure.


  • Classy Wood Bathtub

Are you looking for how to make a wooden bathtub design ideas? You would like to have this masterpiece right here in your bathroom.

It is thrilling that it has a sleek look that is made possible by the modified finish on the body. Also, the built-in drainage system and water tap make it ideal to fit into the conventional bathroom setting.


  • Interior Wooden Bathtub

Portability and classy design are the trademarks of this wooden bathtub. It doesn’t compromise on standards, as it has a sleep design that ensures you get a more defined experience than your traditional bath. What’s more? There is an incorporated drainage system alongside a water tap beside it to take your modern bathroom to an entirely new exotic level.


  • The Home-Like Feeling

What could be more thrilling than coming home to enjoy a warm bath in a cozy and luxurious bathtub? From the look of things, the high-end depth of the tub, and the surrounding features like a staircase help you get a fancy new look in your bathroom.


  • Sturdy Wooden Bathtub

There’s no doubt that your bathroom would take a definite look when you add this wooden bathtub to the room. The sleek design, sturdiness, and the assured comfort for the users are factors that would trigger you to go all out to get it.


Final Words

The bathroom needs to look neat at all times. That informs the reason why many homeowners are passionate about getting wooden bathtubs. The piece of furniture has many features that make it irresistible among homeowners, mainly those that love luxury.

Now that you’ve discovered how to make a wooden bathtub design ideas, you may then want to inspire your furniture maker with the idea that fascinates you. Undoubtedly, you would love the new look that your bathroom would wear after you install the bathtub.

So, pick your favorite design, inspire your furniture maker with it, and change the looks of your bathroom. We can’t wait to see the new look of your bathroom and to congratulate you on the latest masterpiece you acquired.