How To Make Your Ceiling Look Like Space!

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Make some magic for your kids when you learn how to make your ceiling look like space! Do you have a little astronaut in your home? How about a scientist or an astronomer? In this article, you will learn how to make your ceiling look like space in their bedroom or your family room!

Surprise your children with a great new night sky on the ceiling. Use any detail level you want based on your children’s interests. For instance, you can do constellations, or you can do planets. Just one specific planet of interest to your young scientist? Whatever their interest is, there is a night sky ceiling paint to meet your needs.

When you are done your child will be delighted and on their way to being a lot smarter about the night sky.

Night Sky Ceiling Paint

What do you need to bring to life star lights from room ceiling? What materials do you need and what accommodations should you make? There are different ways you can do this. You can use a paint wallpaper type material, or you can use LED skylights that portray parts of the sky.

Night Sky Ceiling Paint

If you are going the paint/wallpaper route here are the supplies you will need:

  • Drop Cloth
  • Flat wall paint – black or very dark blue.
  • Tubes of Glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • A glaze to put over paint.
  • Glitter – silver, maybe yellow or gold.
  • Gloves
  • Sponges
  • Applicators
  • Paint roller
  • Stencils for generic stars, constellations, and planets
  • Pencils
  • Painter’s tape

Star Lights For Room Ceilings

If you are going to use the ceiling or skylights you will need:

  • Skylight or LED panels of your choice.
  • Mounted LEDs
  • Custom printed or stock picture of a night sky, a planet, an astronaut.
  • Light Guide Plates
  • Attachments for drop ceilings or location of ceiling junction boxes.

Night Light Star Projector

How To Make Your Ceiling Look Like Space!

How To Paint A Ceiling To Look Like The Night Sky

Step 1: Take the painter’s tape and tape all the edges of the ceiling and wall. This step requires making sure the wall and ceiling are clean. Wipe them down. Tape around any ceiling lights or openings of any kind.

Step 2. Start with the roller and the flat paint. Paint a solid black or blue coat onto the ceiling. Black might require two coats to cover the current ceiling paint.  Leave the room and let the paint dry for at least 2-4 hours. The paint can be a little sticky when you move to the next step.

Step 3. Put on your gloves and grab your sponge. Get just enough glaze on the sponge to keep it from dipping. Shake the glitter onto the sponge and pat it onto the ceiling. Do this no matter what your end drawing on the ceiling will be. Make sure the glitter is sticking to the ceiling and then cover the entire ceiling until the level of glitter is what you want it to be.

Become an Artist

Step 4. Now get your stencils and trace them onto the ceiling with a pencil, in the locations that you want them. You might be doing all-stars, a constellation, planets, or even an astronaut. Stencil the entire drawing so that you can see the entire effect before adding any other paints.

Step 5. Now take your glow-in-the-dark paints and trace the outlines of the stencils. You are painting from the tube itself so your hands must be steady. Trace all the stencils evenly. You can fill in the stencils if you choose or just leave the outlines. You will want to wait and check the outlines in the dark before coloring in the stencils.

Become an Artist

How to Make your Ceiling look like Space without using Paint

Step 1. Decide how you will mount your night skylight tiles. Handle all the components carefully. This depends on the location of your power socket. Mount as close to the socket as possible.

Step 2. Check the size of the panels and mark where you will need to drill holes in the ceiling to mount them.

Step 3. Drill hole in the ceiling the size of the panel clip. Attach the clip inside the ceiling.

Step 5. Screw the second clip into the panel.

Step 6. Now screw the two clips together. Use the screws provided in your panel kit.

Step 7.  Repeat this procedure with each panel until all are attached to the ceiling and the power socket.

If you choose to use the spring clips that are included in any panel kit your will need to also:

  • Cut holes in the ceiling large enough for each panel to be recessed.
  • Attach the spring to the clip provided.
  • Screw the clip onto the panel light.
  • Recess the panel into the ceiling.
  • Make sure the panels are connected to the power source.

This is the most attractive way to make star lights for room ceilings. However, it is also the most difficult and requires the most changes to your ceiling. The choice of how to make your ceiling look like the night sky without paint is up to you.

How to Make Your Ceiling Look Like Space!

There are still other things you can do to make your ceiling look like space. It may surprise you how many options there are for items to buy that will help with this.  For instance, you can buy stickers of the planets and add them to your painted or lighted ceiling. You can also buy 3-D planets to hand from your night sky ceiling. Therefore if you chose to paint a starry night sky you can add the entire solar system of planets hanging from the ceiling.


If your child is into the night sky, the planets, the moon, or space exploration then being able to make your ceiling look like space is a great project for the two of you. Imagine the hours of fun you can have with your space-invested children, helping them to hang star lights for room ceilings or learn to use night sky ceiling paint. Make your ceiling look like space while spending quality time with your children!