How to Paint Wrought Iron to Look Antique

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You love your home to be resplendent at all times. Well, that is the goal of every homeowner. But, things can get a bit tricky, and all your effort would go down the drain. Understandably, this can be embarrassing just as it would cost you some fortune to get back that fantastic your valuable items had at the onset.

Do you long to have your favorite metals back in shape and look elegant as they used to be? We empathize with you on your wrought iron chairs and any other furniture cast of iron. The diminishing look it now has taken away the shine from the metal and made it a piece of scorn, sort of. You don’t have to discard it either. Just hold on and see what we have to intimate you with.

Your wrought iron patio furniture, railings, or fences have been in an elegant shape for years. Despite the constant exposure to the elements, now is the perfect time to bring back that contemporary style. Read on to find out how to paint wrought iron to look antique.

What You Need to Paint Wrought Iron to Look Antique

Ideally, you’ll be looking for immediate steps to set back your wrought iron into a formal look. We need to take it one step at a time to achieve the objective. So, here’s what to do first – get the materials you need for the repainting.

How to Paint Wrought Iron to Look Antique

Here they are:

  • Paint Brush – You need this to work the spray or chalky paint into the metal
  • Vinegar/Water Solution – Now, the old paint needs to give way for the new color to look outstanding on the metal. So, use a 50/50 Vinegar/Water solution to remove grime and dirt from the surface. You may also want to substitute this with Water/Mild Detergent solution.
  • Bleach/Water Solution – This solution helps remove mildew or mold spotted in the course of removing the old paint.
  • Clay or Chalk Paint – Chalk paint is preferred by homeowners that want to add a distressed or antique look to the current outlook of their wrought iron. That way, they tend to upgrade the polished look on the metal to a pleasant state.
  • Primer – Primer is familiar with some homeowners looking for how to paint wrought iron to look antique. It helps to smoothen the surface ahead of the actual painting of the metal.
  • Spray Paint – Spray paint is recommended if you’re not happy with the antique look on your wrought iron or you want to paint your metal a new color. This type of paint demands to spray the paint into the parts of the metal you wish to re-color.
  • Drop Cloth – This helps cover the surface you don’t want to be painted. That way, you would be able to focus on the significant parts of the metal without fears of overspray to other parts of the wrought iron.

Getting Ready to Paint Your Wrought Iron

Now that you have obtained the materials needed for the repainting job, it is now time to start.

As a rule, you should not paint under any element that suits you. For instance, it is not advisable to paint the piece under direct sunlight. In the same regard, avoid painting when the temperature is less than 50 degrees or the humidity is above 80 percent.

How to Paint Wrought Iron to Look Antique

Instead, the job should be done on a dry day when the temperature and humidity are moderate. Also, ensure that the surface of the metal is dry before starting.

Remove the Old Finish 

Bring out the wrought iron in the open where you have enough space and light to work. Proceed to remove the old paint or rust on the metal.

This is where your Vinegar/Water solution would be put to work. Use that or the Water/Mild Detergent solution to brush, rag, or scrub out the old paint, grime or dirt. You can then use the Bleach/Water solution to remove mildew or mold (if any).

Note that you don’t have to remove every bit of the old paint. The concentration should be on the parts that are well worn-out and need an uplifted look.

Apply Primer

With the old paint out of the way, you can then proceed to apply primer. Primer helps smoothen the surface of the wrought iron. That way, you wouldn’t have a hectic time in using the paint.

Apply Your Paint 

All is now set, and we are on the last lap of changing the outlook of your wrought iron to make it look better. It is now time to apply the paint of your choice.

Here are the steps to guide you:

  • Get Your Paint Brush Ready – Ideally, you may want to proceed to cover the rusty parts of your wrought iron. However, you must get the paintbrush ready. The first step is to dip the tip of the brush into the paint. The essence is to get the little color as possible on the brush. After that, you should also wipe the tip of the brush on a paper towel until you’re left with only a bit of the paint on it.
  • Apply Random Brush Strokes – Don’t get too excited and brush the metal immediately. Take things easy and paint the metal using quick, random strokes with little pressure on the brush. While at it, ensure that you don’t apply excess paint that can drip. If you mistakenly do so, you can easily wipe it off using a damp paper towel.
  • Allow It to Dry – Your wrought iron is now new! Give it a few days to dry in a clement weather condition and replace it to its former position.

Tips and Tricks

Your wrought iron now has a transformed look at the end of the repainting process. You may need to use these tips to make the most out of it:

  • Pick a Suitable Day – You don’t just paint your wrought iron/metal on any day that catches your fancy. As a rule of thumb, you have to choose a warm, dry day.
  • Use Drop Cloths – This is tenable when you’re working on your metal. The drop cloths help to prevent the overspray of paint on your metal, especially when the paint drips or the wind interferes. You can also set up a large piece of cardboard or lightweight wood to shield the wind from blowing the paint while working.
  • Wear Safety Goggles – Ensure that you wear the appropriate clothing like safety goggles or a tight-fitting dusk mask. That helps to cover your skin when scraping away the old paint.
  • Damp Paper Towel to the Rescue – Did you apply paint way too much? Don’t bother! Just get your damp paper towel to wipe the (excess) paint off and start over.

How to Paint Wrought Iron to Look Antique

Final Words on How to Paint Wrought Iron to Look Antique 

Did you enjoy the tips on how to paint wrought iron to look antique? That would help you in bringing out a new dimension to the fading looks on your metal.

One of the good things about painting wrought iron is that you can wipe off excess paint and start all over. Besides, you don’t need special skills to pull off the feat.

So, what do you think about that? Share your thoughts in the comment section and invite your family and friends to learn these fantastic tips. They can’t thank you enough!