How to Raise Your Dorm Bed?

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When the dorms are finally set up, there can be a common issue with students not being able to raise their bed. There is no easy fix for this problem that doesn’t involve having someone come in and help you lift your bed. This how-to will teach you how to do it yourself!

The “dorm bed lofting kit” is a product that allows you to raise your dorm bed. The kit includes instructions and all the necessary materials.

How can I make my college dorm bed higher?

A: If you are looking to make your bed higher, the best option is to buy a mattress that already has a high-quality frame. You can also use an old futon frame and add some wood or metal supports underneath it.

How do I raise my adjustable bed frame?

A: The best way to raise your adjustable bed frame is by using a jack and a block of wood. You will need to put the jack under one end of the bed frame, then use the block of wood as leverage to lift up on the other side.


The “how to lower a dorm bed by yourself” is a skill that many students are not aware of. It’s important to know how to lower your bed if you’re going through the process of moving out of your room, or if you want to keep it low for storage purposes.

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