How to Roll Leggings for Storage?

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Leggings are garments which have a long, pleated or gathered section of fabric that covers the lower leg. Sometimes they are elasticized at the knee to be snug and sometimes they do not cover your calves. They can also come in many styles including jogging bottoms, yoga pants and slimming full length leggings.

The “how to store leggings in a drawer” is a guide that covers how to roll up your leggings for storage. This will help you save space and avoid wrinkles.

What is the Marie Kondo folding method?

A: The Marie Kondo folding method is a way of organizing your clothes in order to make them easier to find. It involves folding your clothes into small piles, and then sorting the piles by type of clothing. You should fold each pile as neatly as possible before moving on to the next one.

How do you fold athletic leggings?

A: To fold athletic leggings, you must first put them on. Then take the top of one leg and fold it over the other leg. Then take the bottom of that same leg and do the same thing with it. Finally, take both legs and pull them up to your waist.

What storage boxes does Marie Kondo use?

A: Marie Kondo uses a variety of storage boxes, but she prefers to use ones that are not too big because they take up too much space. She also likes to use ones that have handles on them so she can carry them around easily.


Leggings are a popular item to wear during workouts. They can be folded in various ways to make them easier to store. Here is how you can fold your leggings for storage. Reference: how to fold workout leggings.

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