How To Ventilate A Basement With No Windows For Less!

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How to ventilate a basement with no windows for less than you expect? Is this a question you have been asking yourself? Why do you need to ventilate your basement? This article will answer these questions and several more.

Basement Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor in your basement, but do you know why? Whether you have a window or not, you still need basement ventilation. Why? Let’s look at that. No matter what you use your basement for it needs ventilation because the air can become very stale.

This is extra true if your basement has no windows or doors. Air quality in basements is dependent upon air circulation that a lot of basements don’t have. Especially basements without windows.

Basement Ventilation

A basement without air circulation can be dusty or damp. It can be dangerous as well. For instance, a perpetually damp basement can begin to grow dangerous molds. Dangerous molds can cause people to become ill and even kill you. So what to do? How to vent a basement?

Air Circulation In Basement

As previously mentioned, good air circulation is critical to keep your basement dry and your family healthy. In addition, the humidity from an unventilated basement can crack your foundation and cause issues with your home’s stability.

If you store anything in your basement, this humidity can impact those items as well. They can become moist or grow bacteria and mold. If you have a generator or a boiler in the basement, as many people do, you could also have a buildup of carbon monoxide in your basement.

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Air Pollutants

There could be a variety of pollutants in the air circulation in the basement. Here are just a few:

  • Mold – There are many types of molds that might be in your basement. For instance, the worst of these is black mold, but there are many more. Mold can be dangerous to many people. The danger from mold can run from the symptoms of a common cold to anaphylactic shock. You might feel congested, eyes might be irritated or itchy. If your lips swell or your throat starts to close, then you are going into shock and need immediate treatment. This is how dangerous mold can people.

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How To Ventilate A Basement With No Windows For Less!

  • Moisture – This can be the cause of the mold in your basement. At the same time what works to fix mold also works to fix moisture. But if you let moisture accumulate mold will also. Get rid of the moisture. Get rid of the mold. A moist basement can smell musky or feel humid. If it is really bad, you will be able to see moisture spots on the walls, in the corners, even on the floor.
  • Radon – Another hazard of poor air circulation is radon. Radon is a gas. It is therefore invisible yet this one is toxic. Radon comes from uranium in the rocks and soil your basement is built on. It can cause lung cancer. Basements are particularly susceptible to it.

All of these issues can be solved with the proper basement ventilation. So now let’s look at how to vent a basement, especially one with no windows. If you have windows and doors you just open them to let the stale air out.

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How To Ventilate A Basement With No Windows

There are several things you can do to improve basement ventilation even where there are no windows. Air circulation in basement can be general or targeted. For instance, you can ventilate the entire basement or just one specific area. For the most part, you will want full basement ventilation.

How To Ventilate A Basement With No Windows

Here are some of your choices for general basement ventilation. These are a few ideas on how to ventilate a basement with no windows but do the entire area.

  • Exhaust Method – Use a ventilation system to rid the basement of the stale air and fill it with fresh air. These systems push to stale air out of your home. This system requires an opening of some sort from your basement to the outside of your home.
  • Portable  – This option is the best bang for your buck. This is the option for those of you who have no windows. A portable ventilation system is an air purifier. There are many types, in many cost zones, on the market today. Air purifier pull the air from your basement into themselves and filter it so that clean air comes out. These filters will trap allergens, bacteria, mold, spores and dust.
  • Mechanical – This system works best with a window you can open as well. For instance, if you had a flood in your basement and you called a professional restoration team, what is the first thing they will do? Put in huge boxlike fans, open the windows, and blow the moist air out.
  • Ventilation Pipe – Install a fan with a ventilation pipe. The only difference here is that the ventilation pipe with pull the air out of the room. A portable, window AC unit will do the same. Mechanical ventilation creates its own airflow.
  • Fans – Fans can and should be used for ventilation with or without windows.
  • HVAC System – Worst case scenario for how to ventilate a basement with no windows is to add an extra HVAC system. This is an expensive upfront solution but in the long run, it pays off.
  • Dehumidifier – This is an easy solution. A dehumidifier will dry out the air. Therefore letting the state air out and letting fresh air circulate.

How To Vent A Basement

It is very important to have good air circulation in your home’s basement. Therefore, how to vent a basement becomes an essential question as a homeowner. This is especially when the question is How to ventilate a basement with no windows. The best answer as we have seen here is a portable system if you have no windows or doors.

The portable system could be an air purifier, it could be a dehumidifier or it could be another whole HVAC system. The answer is up to you and what fits better into your needs and finances. In any case, you now know how to ventilate a basement with no windows.