Ideas on How to Decorate a Stocking

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Christmas is fast approaching and many families are already thinking up plans to beautify their homes. The period of festivity attracts friends and family that would come over to celebrate with you and your family. It is your duty as the host to maintain a resplendent atmosphere, and having a Christmas stocking is one of the ways to spice up things.

We understand that you may be having a hard time in decorating the stockings on Christmas Eve for Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas to fill it with gifts. If that is the case, you needn’t bother anymore because this article gives you ideas on how to decorate a stocking.

Use the Take Joy Embedding

Christmas is a moment of bliss and families are out to make the best out of it. Surprise your visitors and well-wishers on this occasion by decorating your Christmas stocking with the red and green colors that are characteristic of the event.

You would then add more color to the fun by embedding the phrase, “Take Joy” on the stockings. This is in tandem with the essence of the season, which is to make merry and have fun with friends and family.

Ideas on How to Decorate a Stocking

Christmas Stockings Full of  Santa’s Gifts

Santa Claus would visit many families during Christmas and he may be late to come over to join the merry-making in your home. Therefore, you should make his presence felt by using this stocking decoration as an inspiration.

This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept that may not take much of your time. Remember to stash some presents inside when you’re done.


Scrappy Spiral Design

We are sure that you want your home to be a beehive of activities during activities. It is important that you make that dream come true by using this scrappy spiral design to decorate your Christmas stockings.

It is amazing to note that you can make this design by putting together some pieces of prints and fabrics that you wouldn’t need any longer.


The Santa Claus Inspiration

It is a season of surprises.  It is in your power to think outside of the box to get ideas on how to decorate a stocking. You may want to take the Santa Claus inspiration we have here as a clue for designing your Christmas stockings.

You need to get the fabrics and sew them onto the stockings. The next step is to infuse other Santa-like features like the mustache and signature cap.

Ideas on How to Decorate a Stocking

Santa Nutcracker Stocking Kit

Santa Claus is very much around, and we can feel his benign presence in this nutcracker Christmas stocking kit. Remember to diversify the colors and stitch accordingly.


Handmade Christmas Stocking

This idea would inspire you when making the Christmas stocking by yourself. You may consider using a sturdy material like jeans and using silky fabrics to adorn the pockets.


Final Thoughts on How to Decorate a Stocking

Decorating your home at Christmas wouldn’t cost you much. With the proliferation of homemade stockings, you may want to collect your spare fabrics and prints to make your Christmas stocking from them.

The above ideas would help you solve any problems you may have with making your stockings. Do you have any other concerns? Drop a comment and we’ll reach out as soon as we can.