Ideas To Cover A Door Opening

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So, you’ve lost a door in your home, and you’re desperate to cover the opening it left behind before guests start coming to your home. It can be a task too many because you would brainstorm many ideas to come up with the perfect antidote for covering the door. Perhaps you have an unused entrance, which closing it might not be the best decision. Hence, you need to figure out ideas to cover a door opening.

Door Opening Cover Ideas You Can Try

Like many homeowners that are not at home with the idea of walling off the space, you may want to try any of the ideas below to cover the door opening.

  • Hang Curtains Over the Door

If that unused door is not something you want to remain in that place, and you don’t want to replace it with a standard swinging door, then hanging curtains over the position occupied by the door are the perfect idea you may want to try. If you need the door to be there, but it should not be visible, then consider having the curtains over the door. Hanging the curtains should be done by mounting it with a tension rod or any other curtain hanging tool.


Aside from taking over space hitherto occupied by the door or hiding the door in entirety if you want it there, using curtains also adds some texture to your room. It also adds more visual interest to your room. Besides, one of the reasons why many homeowners are pleased to hanging curtains to cover a door opening is because of the inexpensiveness and the easy installation.

If you’re considering this option, it’s also essential that you understand some things about it. Although curtains can cover the door to some extent, it doesn’t have the same sound-blocking o privacy features like the privacy doors. Therefore, you may want to restrict the use of storage rooms and closets.

  • Privacy Doors

Privacy doors as the name signify are those doors that provide maximum protection in your home. So, if you’re considering taking down the doors, then the best thing to do is replacing it with privacy doors that prevent third party access.


  • Use a Bookshelf/Bookcase

Are you an avid reader? Then you just landed yourself another idea on how to cover a door opening. In an instance that the door has been taken down, you would then proceed to place the bookcase/bookshelf in a strategic position. The rule on using a bookshelf to cover a door opening is to ensure the height, and the width is equal to the opportunity created by the door.

On the other hand, you may consider removing the door entirely and replacing the same with a built-in bookshelf that can open and close in the doorway. With this in place, it would be easier for you to move around or make use of the door when you want.


  • Place a Folding Screen in Front of the Door

In terms of privacy and flexibility, placing a folding screen in front of the door is a perfect way to hide the door, you don’t want to have around or be visible in your home. The placement of the folding screen brings in a new layer of flexibility because it helps in reducing the chances of removing the doors entirely.

Making the folding screens demand some careful handling. Some of the options you have to make it are the old shutters/windows that can be joined using sturdy hinges. Otherwise, you may make the folding screens using basic wood frames lined with fabric.


The fantastic thing about using folding screens to hide is that the filters can be folded away anytime you need to use the door. The screens also add some other layers of visual presence to the room by doubling as picture frames or mirrors.

  • Install a DIY Sliding Barn Door

Understandably, you want to get rid of the standard sliding door. You can do that without breaking a bank by migrating to the sliding barn door. Although this slides as well, you can be sure that the functionalities are different from that of the standard sliding doors because the sliding barn door doubles as a room divider. So, if you have smaller spaces in your home, then using this option is perfect.

Besides, you may not have to break the bank to get one. If you can’t afford the few dollars it can cost you; then you may need to figure out how to make one yourself.


  • Incorporate a Hidden Door

There are times when you may want to try something creative in the process of hiding the door(s) in your home. Your adventurous spirit and creativity could lead you to incorporate a hidden door.

But, is a door hidden? Yes, that is possible if you go about it the right way. The rule of thumb here is to select an entry that rhymes with the texture or décor of the room, or one that can easily fit into the background without drawing attention. One of the options you may consider is using wood paneling to go about it.


  • Beaded Strings

Some homeowners might argue about the possibilities of hiding a door when using beaded strings. The potential is high. You only need to select bold or bigger beads and ensure that the lines run from the top to the down for maximum coverage.


  • Use a Room Divider

There may be nothing as fascinating as using a room divider to cover a door opening. Note that one person’s discarded door is another’s room divider. Therefore, ensure that the room divider you select is tall and spacious enough to cover the openings created by the door you’re trying to hide.


Cover the Door Opening

So, there you have them! The ideas in the list would inspire you on the next step to take in hiding your invisible door.

Now, tell us: have you replaced any door in your home? What are the items you used to do that, and how effective were they? Share your secrets with us in the comment section.