Tips On How To Paint PVC To Look Like Copper

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Have you wondered how to paint PVC to look like copper? When it comes to plumbing, PVC pipes are the most important. The plumbing accessory can be used for any household plumbing work. Engineers and constructors have termed it an important unit for home décor. In most houses, the PVC pipes are hidden inside the walls and in basements. The PVC is of great importance and its functionality is unmeasured. This makes it an essential decorative item.

Due to the looks of this material, you might develop some doubts. However, its looks shouldn’t discourage you from acknowledging usefulness. That is the only obstacle you would come across with PVC pipes. Most manufacturers pay little or no attention to the looks of the PVC pipes since they end up hidden. But now you see the need to paint PVC to look like copper.

With the home improvement seen these days, painting PVC pipe to look like metal is of importance. If your home is complete, and you have nothing more to do in the basement, turn your PVC into something nice. To give it that nice look, you can make the PVC look like a cast iron. This attractive look will maintain the stylishness of your home.

Check out our tips on how you can paint your PVC to look like copper.

How To Paint PVC Pipe To Look Like Metal?

Since you are very interested in making the pipe look very attractive, follow the step below.

Step 1 – Get The Workplace Ready

Before you move ahead on this step, gather the necessary materials needed. Also, attach some safety gears because of the chemical involved. If you have decided on painting your PVC pipe, you have to check out the weather. Painting on a low-humidity day which is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

You can work in any area if your PVC pipe is not attached. Since you don’t want to get paint littered everywhere, place a large drop cloth or plastic tarp down. Cover up all appliances and furniture around you. Work in an open environment with enough ventilation.

Get The Workplace Ready

Step 2 – Prepare The PVC Pipe

If the pipe to be used is not yet ready, measure and cut the intended size of the PVC. Ensure that it is in the right size and shape for the project. The measurement and cutting should match its purpose. Giving your PVC a realistic look is not a bad idea, it can be done using a utility knife. A hack saw can also be used to cut the pipe for some additional decoration.

The scratches and nicks would show under the treatment after using a hack saw or a utility knife on it. In cases where your PVC has been measured and cut, all that is left is to arrange and prepare them for sanding.

Step 3 – Sand The Pipe

After cutting the pipe, you can sand it using 220-grit sandpaper. Sanding the outside is to make the surface rough. Using a good size of sandpaper will help in fastening the process. While sanding the pipe, do it in all directions. This is to avoid straight-line striations which can result in an undesirable grooved surface.

Go gentle on the PVC pipe to avoid weakening it. While trying not to weaken it, you also have to avoid uneven surfaces. PVC pipes have a lot of wax so use plenty of sandpaper to get the wax off.  Wrap your hand around the pipe and do the job until it is done.

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Paint PVC To Look Like Copper

Step 4 – Clean And Prime The Pipe

After sanding the pipe, you would notice the roughness and extra particles on it. Clean it using a dampen clean rag. Add acetone to the dampened rag and wipe the surface of the pipe. Leave the pipe for 20 to 30 minutes so the acetone can dry up. The reason you have to use acetone is because of the residual dust that might appear from sanding.

With dust on your PVC, any paint applied would crack in no time. So the acetone would cleanse the surface and make your pipe better for painting. Applying a thick layer of primer on your PVC will hold the treatment meant to give it a cast iron look. The primer should be added immediately after sanding, dusting, and applying treatment. This would make the paint last longer.

Step 5 – Paint The PVC Pipe

Painting your PVC pipe to look like metal would be fun if the steps above are followed. After cleaning and priming the pipe, go ahead with the painting. Use plastic spray paint to make the PVC look like cast iron. First, apply an oil-based paint to the PVC that has been primed. Before it dries, add some sand to the paint to get a rough texture.

Before spraying the paint on the pipe, shake it up for 15 – 20 seconds. Start spraying the paint in a side-to-side sweeping motion. Spray pipe from the top and work your way to the bottom. Keep coating the pipe to avoid any loophole.

Conclusion on How To Paint PVC To Look Like Copper

Allow the paint to dry for 20 to 30 minutes before coating again. Be sure that your painting is uneven and leave the final coat for 24 hours before use. This way you’re sure that the paint is finally dried. All the possible ways with which you can make your PVC look like cast iron has been explained. Follow the steps above to get the best of your PVC pipe.

We have come to the end of this article. Do you know how to paint your PVC to look like copper now? Did we answer all your questions and clear your doubt? You can use this article as a guide for your DIY project. Hope you enjoyed this article? If you did, let us know by sending your thoughts through the comment section. You can also share the article with your friends and family.