How To Cover Wood Paneling Without Painting


There’s no denying that wood has become one of the indispensable materials used in the manufacturing of different kinds of furniture. Wood paneling has been around since the 20th century but is gradually falling out of favor in recent years, and the reasons are apparent.

How to Cover Wood Paneling without Painting

While wood paneling can cost you some fortune to repaint and keep up the looks in the modern architectural design, you may still want to ...

You need to realize that there’s an urgent need to cover the wood paneling with an exquisite background. The rule of thumb here is to line the walls with bookshelves that would help in hiding most of the wood.

1. Line the Walls with Bookshelves

2.Paint the Trim

While looking to avoid the application of paint, it’s also essential to note that you can apply some colors to make the wood paneling remain attractive. It doesn’t entail painting the entire wood.

3. Use Wall Liners

Remember that the paneling is a derivation from the word, “panel,” which means “cloth.” So, you need to understand that applying paint (consistently) to keep maintaining the ...

There’s a secret that is known to only a few homeowners. That secret is the use of gallery walls to cover wood paneling without painting. It’s also exciting to note that the concept empowers you to obscure the paneling in art.

4. – Create A Gallery Wall

Let’s Recap What We Learned

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many homeowners are still keen on living the retro and ‘70s lives in the 21st century by incorporating wood paneling into their homes. That has helped in beautifying the house even on a budget.’

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