Long Narrow Dining Room Table Ideas


Most times, homeowners are torn in between the right furniture to use in decorating their new home. One of the places that are hard to factor out is the dining room.

Understandably, you may be saving for other furniture and don’t have enough to spare in decorating your dining room. You needn’t worry or break the bank because the idea here would help you.

1.Modern Long Table on a Tiled Floor

2. Long Narrow Dining Room Surrounded by Sofas and Chairs

If you’re particular about comfort while eating your favorite dish, then it would do you a world of good to get this variation.

3. Narrow Table in the Middle of the Kitchen

Who doesn’t like to eat meals when served hot? Except you’re comfortable with microwaved food, you wouldn’t want to miss ...

No homeowner with eyes for details would want to miss out on the long narrow dining room table ideas we have here.

4. Table with Black Walnut Highlights

Long tables are ideal when hosting a large group of people for a meal or dinner as the case might be. However, it could be tricky because it occupies much space. Nevertheless, you can get the best out of it courtesy of the long narrow dining room table ideas we have on the list. Hopefully, you enjoyed it and would want to start working towards getting one of the tables soon.

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