What Colors Do You Mix to Make Turquoise


Turquoise is a type of color that may be hard to pull off, especially when you don’t know your way around making it. Ideally, the color reminds you of the ocean. It also makes you feel calm.

Before You Choose; Decide on the Shade of the Turquoise

The choice of a shade determines the type/color of paint you would buy. For instance, the combination of blue and green paints allows you to get a brighter shade of turquoise in the end. 

1. Buy Your Paints

2. Mix Blue and Green to get a Bright Turquoise

The combination/mixture of blue and green gives you a bright-colored turquoise...

3. Use the 2: 1 Ratio

Use the ratio of 2:1 (two glops of turquoise and one glop of green). You may also consider adding a bit of the white paint if the earlier combination is too bright.

Ensure that the vortex of the turquoise paint is uniformly mixed. That shows that the paint has been well mixed. You may also consider applying some of the paint on a piece of material to check if the outcome tallies with the color you had in mind.

4. Check the Hues

Let’s Recap What We Learned

The turquoise color doesn’t just come about on its accord. You need to mix different colors (blue, green, mainly). You can then add white or orange to get a paler hue.

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