What Colours Go with Taupe

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The combination of colours is essential because they help to bring out other looks in a cloth or even in the décor of a home. The taupe colour is one that hasn’t stopped to amaze many people all over the world. It could be an arduous task to place a hand on the actual undertone it has, and that is because of the interoperable colours (grey and brown) that are inherent in it. In light of that, it would be vital to unearth the concept behind the taupe colour before proceeding to discover the colours that go with it.

What is Taupe?

Taupe is a grey colour that has a tinge of brown. It is also regarded as a dark brown colour that borders between the grey and brown tones. The intermediacy of the shade between grey and dark brown empowers taupe to share the attributes of both colours. No matter the notions held about it, the fact is that taupe is lighter and hence, can tag along with many other colours.

What Colours Go with Taupe

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are asking, “what colours go with taupe?” The question is in order because some colours work better with taupe than others do. That informs the reason behind the diversified ideas below, which detail the various colours that can be used alongside the taupe shade.

  • Black

Before narrowing the search down to the camel or ivory colours, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the black colour alongside the taupe shade. Over the years, the black colour has been actively used alongside many other colours. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it now has a new use case when used with taupe.

Worthy of mention is that the output of the combination would have the black colour bringing out more highlights while the taupe would be at the background as an accent.


  • Camel

The camel colour is another recommended colour that can go with taupe. It has a moderate highlight that rhymes well with the accents of the taupe. More so, both can be used in either the background or foreground, depending on the choice of the user.

If you’re considering using taupe in your home, then combining it with camel can help bring out the delicate finish you expect in your décor.


  • Cool Taupe Shades

The anticipation of a great-looking décor may not be achieved only when you use other colours with taupe. In this instance, using the cooler shades of the colour (taupe) can help create the neutral and natural look you want in your décor.


  • White

There’s no denying that white is a sign of purity, and the integration in any other colour helps to bring out the fantastic aspects many people wouldn’t have expected. The combination of the white and the taupe tones is possible because of the moderate dark accents in the former that is created by the grey and the brown highlights. Those would go well with the white colour to give a befitting look to your décor.


  • Red

Here is a bold step in factoring in the colours that go with taupe. Interestingly, the taupe and the red colours are “from different worlds.” So, it would take some serious ‘homework” to combine the cool colour of the taupe with the vibrant and bold shade of the red.

When it comes to decorating the interior of the house, the rule of thumb is to paint the walls with the taupe colour while the furniture should be red. That is the clue to having a balanced colour spectrum in the room.


  • Pink

Pink is often regarded as the “cousin to red.” Therefore, it’s possible to use it alongside taupe. Because of the moderate vibrancy that comes with pink, it can be used to make a room or the interior of a home cosy and cute, primarily when used with the taupe colour.


  • Purple

Purple might not have passed through your mind as one of those colours that can combine with taupe. Indeed, it can, and the reason for that is apparent. When you look at the colour wheel, you would see that the taupe and the purple colours are complementary or opposite colours. That, in turn, implies they can be used together.


  • Blue

Remember that taupe has a warm and cool highlight? So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to select a colour that would make it go bland or duller. That is why the combination of the exuberant blue colour is the perfect clue to getting things right with the taupe colour.


  • Cranberry

Cranberry is a colour that any homeowner shouldn’t fail to use with taupe. The combination of the two might not be inevitable for some reasons. First, the cranberry colour has more highlights than the taupe, which is a necessity to prevent the former from getting duller. Second and most important, the vibrancy of the cranberry colour is moderate, which lends more credence to the additional hues it creates when used with taupe.


  • Ivory

The ivory colour is more within the ambient of the taupe. So, the union of both is feasible. From the outlook, the ivory colour has a few shades that seem to resonate with that of the taupe. For instance, some shades are of the lighter variation of grey, which is one of the colours inherent in taupe.


  • Light Sage Green

The green colour may be an excellent choice to tag along with the taupe, but not at all times. Worthy of note is that it has a vibrant outlook that might overshadow the taupe. Therefore, opting for the subtle shade offered by the light sage green is a good concept that can rhyme with the taupe colour.


Use Colours that Can Go with Taupe

The interior of your home needs to have a scintillating décor. One of the ways to achieve that is by using the right colour combination. Thankfully, the taupe colour can offer the much-needed shine, while the other colour combinations would complete the “magic.”

Which of the colours that go with taupe caught your attention and worked well with your home décor? Let us know in the comment section.