What Is A Drawing Room

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The dream of many people around the world today is to have a home and to have the best properties. Indeed, it is exciting to envision all those and start working towards accomplishing them. On the one hand, you may have the funds to build your house. On the other hand, you may have to rent your home pending when you have sufficient funds to build one.

No matter the residential option you can afford now, the fact remains that the home would have different rooms, for various purposes. There are the bedrooms, the sitting rooms, the kitchen, and even the living room. Interestingly, many homeowners might not have figured out another place. That is the “drawing room.”

What is a Drawing Room?

You would be forgiven to state that the waiting room is a room where you draw or take time to assemble your pieces of art ahead of their construction.  You may have figured it out to be a room where your visitors (probably business partners) would wait for some time until you’re ready to see them ahead of a meeting. Well, that is what you deduced from the two words, “drawing,” and “room.”

Those notwithstanding, there are more to the drawing room than just a room for visitors to await your arrival for a meeting or even a room where you “draw.” So, if you’ve heard about the drawing room before and you wish to know what it is all about, then read on to discover them.

What Is A Drawing Room

The drawing room is a dedicated room in any part of the house where visitors can be entertained. In that instance, visitors to every home would have to wait there for the homeowners to officially welcome them with some forms of entertainment, such as food and drinks.

It’s worth noting that there are some similarities between drawing room and the living room. The most significant is that the drawing room is similar to the living room because the living room of today now serves the same purposes that the drawing room served at the time it was in use. In light of that, it can be submitted that the drawing room of yesteryears is now what is called “living room” today.

The History of the Drawing Room

Like many other things we find around us today, the drawing room has some background. Its history dates back to the 16th century when it was used as a dedicated room for attending to and entertaining visitors. The first appearance dates back to the year 1642, and ever since then, it has been continuous moves from one point to the other.

Soon after, the drawing room’s usages continued until the 17th century when it gained massive adoptions in England. From the feelers and the various information at hand, there are two concepts to the use of the drawing room in England in the 17th century. The first clue is that the men of the house or homeowners after they have had dinner would converge in the drawing room to hold further deliberations. The women would then have to go into another room called the “withdrawing room.” It was later confirmed that the withdrawing room of the women served the same purpose as those of the men at the time, which is the drawing room. The second account and clue to the use of the drawing room in the 17th century hold that the drawing room is more of a place or a room where the visitors or the guests to a home would wait for some time to eat dinner. They would also stay in the same place after dinner to discuss if there is any discussion at hand.


The trend continued until the 18th century where the usage was a bit broadened. In the 18th century, the drawing room became a sort of withdrawing or private room where the homeowner or man of the house, the wife, or a distinguished guest in any of the house’s central apartments can retreat for some privacy.

The Location of the Drawing Room

Haven noted that the drawing room is what is now called the living room, you may want to be sure that you’re citing or situating it in the right location. Worthy of mention is that it is often located off the high chamber, which is usually the location leading to the main bedroom in the house.

That said, the location of the drawing room is usually in two places in the home. The first location is near the entrance to the house. The idea is that the visitors would immediately be ushered into the drawing room as they arrive. The other location of the drawing room is in proximity to the front door. It still takes the same format as the former, which is for the guests/visitors to move directly into the drawing room without passing through other rooms in the house.

The Difference between the Drawing Room and the Living Room

Although the drawing room and the living room might seem similar because of the similar usages they have, some factors still make them different. We highlighted some of them below:

  • Simplicity

The primary difference is based on the sophistication of the rooms. On the one hand, the drawing room is more of a formal place with simple décor and few furniture. The living room, on the other hand, is generally furnished with many items, such as TV sets, furniture, and even a fireplace.

What Is A Drawing Room

  • Proximity

The living room is cited in the center of the house. That is contrary to the location of the drawing room near the front door or the entrance to the house.

Your Home Needs a Drawing Room

There would be no need now to keep the guests/visitors waiting when you can keep them settled in the drawing room. That saves you the headache of running around looking for the part of the home where you can make space for their comfort. So, take a cue from the ideas we’ve shared and create a drawing room in your home.

Do you have any other idea on where the drawing room can be located or any other purpose it serves? We would love to know them if you can share them using the comment section!