Best Outdoor Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

Last Updated on February 18, 2020 by Ecorf

The home needs to wear a “pretty look” at all times. That’s why many homeowners go out of their ways to bring in many items that add extra beauty to their homes. Indeed, you want to let in some sunshine once in a while in your home, but your plants might not be cool with that.

Do Outdoor Plants Need Sunlight to Grow?

Some plants need the sun to grow, while some others do not. If you’re living in n area where sunlight is a luxury, and you can only have it in a once in a blue moon format, then you may need to go for plants that don’t need sunlight.

The low-light houseplants are the perfect choice for homes that need touches of greenery, but may not have sufficient sunlight for those plants to thrive. We have made a list of the best outdoor plants that don’t need sunlight. W hope you get to select those hardy, shade plants that can blossom in your backyard with little light.

  • Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is not only a lush plant that shows affluence, but also adds shades to the room. They are ideal for the living room, but can also be used in other strategic places, such as the dining room. The exciting thing there is that it doesn’t need much light to thrive. Low and medium-light are the best options when it comes to blooming. Artificial light is also good.

For maximum blooming, you may want to place and grow the Parlor Palm plant in your room. When grown in shadier areas, the chances of growth are much because of the limited light it needs to grow.

Best Outdoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight

  • Peperomia

You need an outdoor plant that doesn’t need sunlight. Peperomia is one of the plants you can find out there in the market. These smaller plant variations come in many colors that can add some glamour to place them anywhere. Some of the color options are green, cream, gray, and red.

When it comes to growth, you should avoid anything that has to do with much exposure to light. Some of the conditions under which it can grow without hassles are indirect light, as well as under fluorescent lights. The Peperomia plant can also thrive in bright light, as well as in partially shaded areas.


  • Lily of the Valley

There is no doubt that you have often heard about “Lily of the Valley.” It could be in discussions about plants or someone probably used it literally. Whichever is the case, the much talked about Lily of the Valley is one of the best outdoor plants that don’t need sunlight.

That feat is achieved because of the moderate light it needs. Also, the spreading throughout the shaded area ensures that it doesn’t get much exposure to the sun or any other form of direct sunlight. Therefore, it is an excellent way to add touches of green to your home without setting about the daunting task of sourcing more light.


  • Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plants are not only fit for outdoor uses but can also perform the same function when used indoors. The consideration as an iron plant is not unconnected to the hardy, shade plants that can withstand any weather condition.

The general rule is to keep the Cast Iron Plant out of the constant exposure to direct sunlight. Also, it is recommended that homeowners that have it in their surroundings should use a damp cloth to wipe down the leaves every week. That, in addition to the limited exposure to direct sunlight, would help in maintaining the cleanliness of the leaves, which makes it easier to absorb the nutrients derived from the sun.


  • Hosta

Hosta is a low-maintenance and shade-loving plant. Whether you selected the dark green color or any of the variegated varieties, you can be sure that it can thrive in slightly light conditions. So, it is not out of place to posit that Hosta is one of the best outdoor plants that don’t need sunlight.

Best Outdoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight

  • English Ivy

The English Ivy outdoor plant has been one of the gardeners’ favorites, and we cannot agree less. It is thrilling to see this climbing plant, which also replicates something like a work of art in your garden. That is not even the main gist.

The fact is that you cannot seize to love your English Ivy outdoor plant. It does not only thrive and bloom well in low light but can also pair well with bright indirect light.

However, there is a clause that you need to know about. It is that the plant needs light, as well. The rule is that the more light the English Ivy gets, the higher the chances of getting well-blossomed and bright looking colors showing through the leaves. That said, you only have to limit the exposure to light to those shady spots and other areas in your home where the direct presence of view wouldn’t dwell much on the plant.


  • Pothos

You would like three things about the Pothos outdoor plants, which are otherwise called Epipremnum Aureum. The first is the blooming into long and beautiful vines, which is a beauty to behold! The second is the diversification of the growth patterns, such as on a desk or as a hanging plant. The third and most exciting is the medium-light it needs to survive. Provided you have low or medium-light in your backyard or any other outdoor area in your home, you can always plant your Pothos there.

If for any reason, you expose it to too much light, then you can be sure that the plant would turn yellow. On the other hand, exposing the Pothos outdoor plant to limited light can cause it to become pale.


Outdoor Plants Don’t Need Sunlight

It is now evident that much exposure to sunlight isn’t the only available option for growing outdoor plants. Medium and low light is also helpful in that regard. We just shared some of the best outdoor plants that don’t need sunlight and hope you would use the inspiration to add more greenery to your backyard and garden.