Can You Paint Stainless Steel?

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Think of all the parts of an automobile that are made of painted stainless steel. Usually, heat treatment has been applied to the stainless parts of a car before painting. Heating and painting the stainless steel parts of an automobile only adds to the anti-corrosion elements of the car.

Most cars today are still not made of stainless steel. However, this has not always been true. From the 1930s to the 1970’s Ford had many concept cars with stainless steel bodies that were painted.

Cadillac put a stainless steel roof on an Eldorado Brougham in 1957 and ’58. The DeLorean of 1981 and 1982 had stainless body panels. Some Motor Coach buses use stainless and the Porsche Cayman is still made of stainless today.

All of these automobiles use successfully painted stainless steel. None experience any cracking or corrosion of the steel.

However, if you really want to find stainless steel in automobiles look no further than the exhaust systems. Ferritic stainless steel is used in mufflers, collectors, catalytic converters, tubing, and tailpipes. Some are painted and some are not.

Can You Paint Stainless Steel?

Yes of course and done correctly you certainly won’t damage the steel. Let’s review how to paint stainless steel.

  • Examine the article to be painted well. Observe loose skin and scrape it off with a steel wire brush and sandpaper.
  • Prime the metal to be painted with a galvanized etching primer. Give it two coats.
  • Let the primer dry.
  • Now you are ready to paint. Any type of paint should now adhere well to the metal surface.
  • However, when it comes to what kind of paint to use on stainless steel, my two favorites are oil-based paint or two-part epoxy paint. You can get a smoother application and better outcome if you water down your paint to just about 1 ounce of water to a gallon of paint.
  • Give your stainless steel item two coats regardless of the type of paint you are using.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely before attempting to use the item or component that you have painted.



Can you paint stainless steel without damaging it? If you follow the instructions in this article, the answer should be a resounding “Yes!” There is no reason to think that you cannot paint stainless steel. It is done all the time. From automobiles to major and small appliances, shiny, glimmering stainless steel can come in many different colors. Pick out your favorite colors, get your tools, and go to work!