Most Suitable Paint Colors for Your Laundry Room

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At first glance, most people wonder why you would put in so much effort to choose the best paint color for the laundry room, but when you look at how much time you spend in the room, it makes more than enough sense to make it look like a haven.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average woman in America spends 17 minutes daily doing laundry, which means 104 hours a year. From using the machines to wash and dry to folding the clothes and putting them in their place, you would enjoy this process much better when you have suitable paint colors in your laundry room.

In this guide, we would cover the best laundry room paint colors.

1.    Green

Green is known as a refreshing color for your laundry space, so adding shades of this color would give you the pop of color that you need. It gives your laundry room a soft, inviting, and fresh look. Mint green is one good choice, which allows you to display the essence of the spa in your laundry room.

Another great shade of green is a greenish-blue shade like Studio Blue Green, which would give your laundry room personality.

2.    Yellow

Another great color for your laundry room is yellow, which would improve your mood while you stay in the small space. Since laundry rooms are usually enclosed spaces, you can go wild with bright colors like mellow yellow or bursts of lemonade yellow.

The Benjamin Moore Pure Joy is another energetic shade of yellow, which would keep you motivated while you stare at the long heap of dirty clothes.

Yellow Paint Color for Your Laundry Room

3.    Aqua

If you want a more soothing and vacation feel in your laundry room, then Aqua and its different shades would make a perfect fit. You can make white your base color and add Aqua to it for a sunlit vibe. Midsummer’s Dream is a fitting shade of blue that goes with Delicate White.

You can also go for Misty Aqua if you want to add more personality to the room, or Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua.

4.    Black and White

Sometimes simple and efficient does it best, and that’s what black and white would give to you. Black and white give your laundry room a crisp look, and this timeless color combination can also make it look elegant or dramatic.

The best thing about going for black and white paint in your laundry room is that you can add the tiles and ceiling to the design.

Conclusion and Tips

When wondering, ‘what color should I paint my laundry room?’, you should think of the style and vibe that you are looking for. Do you want to feel motivated to finish all the clothes in front of you, or do you want to feel elegant even with all the dirty clothes?

You should also think of your style and the size of your laundry room. Laundry rooms are usually small, so having colors that are not overwhelming but give just the right effect is important.

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