Colors That Go with Mint Green for Home

Last Updated on February 24, 2020 by Ecorf

The choice of colors proves to be a difficult task that many homeowners continually try to grapple. Sadly, only a few have been able to choose the right colors that rhyme with the décor of the home. In most cases, there’s a need to combine different color schemes to pull off a magnificent look.

When it comes to the choice of colors for the home, the mint green readily comes to mind. Despite being in use since the ‘90s, the color has continually been used until date by many homeowners. So, what makes the mint green ideal for the home?

Understanding the Concept Behind the Mint Green Color

Mint green is a variable color that averages a light green spectrum that is bluer. Mint green is also a pale tint of green, which seems to take the semblance of the mint green pigment. It’s worth pointing out that the mint green color has been around since the 1990s and continues to feature in the modern interior décor because of the warm and cool undertones.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to look for other colors that go with mint green for home. That would help you choose the perfect color spectrum(s) that can combine with it to promote the feelings of tranquility that come with it.

Colors that go with mint green for home

Choosing the Right Colors

First things, first! You have to decide on the area(s) of the home where you need to add the colors. While some homeowners would prefer adding them to the walls, others would instead tag along with integrating them on furniture and windows. That should form part of the basis for choosing the right colors that go with mint green for home.

So, without much ado, let’s look at the colors you may want to incorporate into your mint green for the walls of your home.

  • White

Mint green is famous for creating an alluring look while maintaining a calm and subtle look. However, you can also try your hands on the white color as a way to balance the brightness while adding more glamour to the outlook.

It might interest you to know that the neutrality of the white color aligns with the brightening shades added by the mint green. To bolster that, you would need to find a perfect footing, such as using the bright white to break up the green in the room while highlighting other architectural details in the room.


  • Green and Pink

Undoubtedly, mint green is calm. But, if you need something otherwise, then we suggest going for the pink. The latter (pink) is not only brighter but also combines with the mint green to create diverse outlooks to the room.

As a rule of thumb, you must ensure that both colors are of the same intensity. That would help them in rhyming. Besides, you may also want to use any of the colors to add highlights at choice areas in the home.


  • Black

The universality of the black color always paves the way for it in many color spectrums. It achieves that same feat with the combination with the mint green. As part of its characteristic, black would help in providing a sleek edge to the home’s décor. Interestingly, its disposition as an accent color makes it possible to contrast with the cool, soft tones of the mint green.

For maximum productivity of the desired outcome, you may also consider leveraging the black color to create a contemporary look. That is tenable by bringing in black furniture, black frames on a picture, and black tiles/flooring to accentuate the cool tones dotted by the green walls.


  • Combined Pastels

The décor of the home can be spiced up when you choose to combine pastels with the mint green coloring. The secret to achieving that is by integrating pink accents to complement the mint green walls.

However, you must be careful not to overdo things. Ideally, the target should be combining two pastels and integrating them in choice areas of the home, such as the furniture, windows, and beddings.


  • Aqua

It’s time to bring back all the memories of the years that have gone by. With the fact that the mint green is an oldie color, you may also want to look for a similar color to accent it.

That brings us to the aqua color. Like the mint green, it has been around for ages. It was a vibe in the 1950s and 1960s and still pulls off similar stunts until today. So, combine your aqua with the mint green to pull off a retro style for your home.


  • Beige or Light Brown

If you’re looking for a neutral look, then combining your mint green paint and a well-defined palette of colors like light brown or beige would do. In this case, the beige or the bright brown colors would help in pulling off earthy or neutral tones while the mint green would take the place of the main shade.


  • Diluted Shade of Mint Green

Understandably, you may find it difficult to let go of the alluring and cool tones offered by the mint green color. That informs the reason why many homeowners prefer going for a lighter or diluted shade of the color.

In that instance, the diluted and subtle variation would help in keeping the home airy and bright. You may consider painting the ceiling green for proper differentiation and avoidance of misconceiving the color to be white.


  • Intense Shade of Mint Green

On the contrary, if you want the green and light blue pigments of the mint green to stand out, then you may consider integrating an intense shade. In the end, you would have a more intense and vibrant color that accentuates other decors in the home.


Choose A Color That Goes with Mint Green for Your Home

You needn’t break a sweat in choosing colors that go with mint green for home. The uniqueness of the color and the cool shades it adds to make it the darling of many homeowners that are looking for a dynamic look in their homes.

Sometimes, the need to diversify prompts the need to choose other color spectrums to combine with the mint green. When it comes to that, you can always be confident that the ideas discussed above would help you in making the right choice.