What Colors Go With Pink for a Bedroom?

Last Updated on February 22, 2020 by Ecorf

The bedroom is one of the most significant areas in the home. Although you may spend some time in the living room doing some stuff, chances are higher you would spend more of your time in the bedroom. Besides, that’s where you sleep, and you spend some hours doing that. So, the status as a significant part of the home is not in doubt.

To that end, homeowners continually seek more interior design inspirations to make the most out of their bedrooms.

Do I Need Other Colors to Go with Pink?

Aside from the furniture and the flooring of the room, more concentration is doled out to the type of color to be used in the bedroom. Ideally, the pink color comes to mind because of the lively effect it brings. Nevertheless, there’s a need to complement it with some other color(s) to make the impact more alluring.


That prompted the inquest of homeowners about what colors go with pink for a bedroom? Well, you needn’t look farther for the answer because we got you covered. Read further to discover the best color schemes to compliment the pink in your bedroom.

  • Classic Pink and Green

You may have friends that chose to go with the white color for their pink bedrooms. That’s not a wrong choice anyway. But, you’re unique and would want to stand out of the crowd. The combination of the classic pink and green is the secret to achieving that amazing interior you always longed for in your bedroom.

The rule of thumb is to select bright green pops that would accentuate the shades of pink. While at it, you may want to use plenty of the white color spectrums to harmonize the green and pink palettes.


While the combination may seem a little bit perfect for your kids’ bedrooms, you may want to take the notch higher by adding some other matching décor in your bedroom to make it a good fit. Also, ensure that you limit the patterns in the room because that is an excellent way to keep the bright colors under control.

  • Pink and Blue

We’re sure that you may not have the slightest thoughts of setting up a cinema in your home, at least for now. We’re about to shock you. You would be setting up a cinema-like look without planning for one when you integrate the pink and blue colors in your bedroom. aIt’s worth mentioning that the combination creates a visual contrast, especially when you’re intentional about the painting.

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of it:

  • Balance the Colors

It may seem a bit awkward to combine the pink and blue colors at the same time. Hence, you must balance the colors. How do you do that? By painting each side of the room with either of the colors!


Let’s assume that you apply the blue to one side of the bedroom’s walls and the pink to the other. With that, you would have both colors facing each other while creating an underlined visual contrast to the now recreated 2-piece room. You may also want to take the notch higher by integrating white colors on the ceiling to balance the equation.

  • Select Matching Upholstery and Décor

There’s still some more work to do. You have to choose upholsteries that match the two-toned look of the bedroom. Ideally, you may want to select the light blue upholsteries and pink throw pillows to match the colors. Afterward, you may consider adding brown upholsteries to create a neutral backdrop for the two dominant colors of the bedroom.


  • Neutral Base Color

It’s agreed that pink is a fun color that pairs well with others. So, you may want to seize that opportunity to integrate a neutral base color to create a classic look. When looking at the options, the white color readily comes to mind.

The selection of white as a pair with pink for a bedroom is not unconnected to the neutrality of the color that makes it applicable in many cases. In this case, the integration alongside pink does not only bring in a lot of glamour but also makes the outlook mature.


  • Pink and Black

Now, here’s the pair of the century! If you’ve been looking for what colors go with pink for a bedroom, we’re pleased to inform you that your search has come to an end. It might interest you to know that the combination of pink and black helps to make a bold statement in the room. It helps matters if you have a similar color spectrum in your other decors.

Besides, the duo rhyme ideally to bring out the contrasting feminine and masculine appeal that is needed to accent to the various designs you may want to get into the room.


  • Pink and Silver

We’ve seen how the white color could make some great impacts in the room when combined with pink. You can also do better when you extend the search to incorporate metallic silver into the mix. In that instance, you may need to bring in some other colors like a light red and grey to help out with the accentuation.

More interesting is the fact that you can leave the pink on the walls while you set about the task of applying the metallic silver on the ceiling. Mild applications of red and grey on some other parts of the room wouldn’t hurt, especially when they have matching décor to tag along.

So, there you have it! Team up the two colors (pink and silver) alongside the mild red and grey to pull off a luxurious and sophisticated look in your bedroom.


Use Other Colors with Pink for a Bedroom

Painting your bedroom shouldn’t be a hard task after all when you have ideas like the ones on the list above to inspire you. If pink is your thing and you don’t want the full-blown brightness that comes with it, you can always take advantage of the combinations on the list above to pull off a sophisticated yet charming appeal in your bedroom.