Colors that Matches with Red

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Red is a color that can be applied in many use cases. That is accentuated by the disposition in the color spectrum where it is at the end of the visible spectrum of light, from where it is placed opposite violet and next to orange. Aside from the interoperability with the colors mentioned above, the red color can also be used alongside other colors.

What Colors can Match with Red?

Before figuring out the colors that can pair with it, it’s essential that you also understand the implication. Red is famous for being that “bold color” that asserts the confidence of the user or wearer. Hence, when selecting the colors that match with red, you should also ensure that the chosen colors are either in the same bold and exciting shade created by a red or can be able to pair with it to pull off another fascinating look.

That said, let’s now look at the colors out there that can pair and create a unified look with red when used together.

  • White and Red

There’s no denying that the white color would readily come to mind when looking through the list of compatible colors. The selection is hinged for many reasons. For instance, it is considered the opposite of the red color, in the sense that it is not bold, whereas red is. Also, white is an excellent pair to red because it creates a contrast between the assertiveness of the red color and the “meek” undertone to the white.

Besides, when worn in clothes, white can signify tranquility as against the fearlessness created by the red color. That is not leaving out the fact that you can pair white with other colors to achieve a unified look.


  • Silver + Red

It’s no news that red is bold and assertive. Nevertheless, you can still bring out more shades of the color if you would take the cue by integrating the silver color into it.

Like a silver lining in the sky, the silver color herein comes in handy as a metallic for trumping up the red highlights anywhere they may have been lurking. Ideally, the secret to bringing out all the shades of red is by delegating the icy hues that make the red look more vibrant.


  • Black and White + Red

We already know that the black and white colors are like a couple; they remain inseparable. But, what we have to figure out is how the red color came into the mix. It’s exciting to note that the three can be combined, and would also work uniformly without shading any of the colors.

You only need to be careful when applying them. You may consider placing the black color as the background to the red, while the white can factor into any of the available spaces to create a moody, dramatic atmosphere.


  • Blue + Red

Hurray! Here’s another color that is perfect for collaboration with red. The blue color is an enigma on its own. It is not only bright, but the versatility also makes it ideal for application in many places. Thankfully, you can now seize the opportunity to integrate it into your red outfit for a crisp look.


  • Gray + Red

Any color that is brighter or bold requires something to either step it down or pop it up. That is precisely what the gray color does when matched with red. It takes a similar shape to the silver undertone, whereby it delegates the cool-tones to make the red outstanding.


  • Yellow

Someone would say that “yellow is bright enough,” but that doesn’t mean that it cannot work in the same ambient as red. It would interest you to know that depending on the variation of yellow in use; you may end up having either a brighter outlook or something warm.

For instance, you may want to tag along with an unexpected color combination, such as yellow, white, and red. The outcome is usually within the ambient of bright or warm.


On the contrary, you may try another surprising pairing, which is mustard yellow and red. In the end, you’ll get two warm hues that can fit into any outlook you intend applying them.

  • Red and Purple

Are you looking to bring down the red color from the high horses? You needn’t break a sweat to achieve that. The secret to what you seek lies in the pairing of the red and purple colors. The outcome is anywhere between a distinct outlook and the shifting of the hues from one side to the other.


  • Dark/Army Green

The combination of red and green has been a norm that is yet to broken. Instead, it continues to grow by the day. The reason for the influx to that end is not unconnected to the coordinated look that comes from it.

Additional inventions like the drift from the popular green color to dark green have made the entire combination a fun-filled affair. You can now combine red with dark/army green to get a dignified look. Above all, you may want to keep the green muted, and the red highlighted or sophisticated.


  • Red and Black

We’ve looked at the combination of red, white, and black colors. However, you can do some other things in that regard. What if you consider taking out the white tones and work with only the black and red colors?

Once you’ve decided on that, you may want to use black as the background with the red color taking up the front.


  • Muted Red Color Combinations

Indeed, the red color is bright and bold. However, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be “silenced,” literally. You can achieve that by being selective about the colors. The rule of thumb is to combine both the brighter and muted variations of the red color.


Match Other Colors with Red

So, there you have them all in the house. Those tips would help you as you work towards picking a color that matches with red. Once you’ve chosen the best color combination that can factor into the need you have, then you can proceed to check if the combination would also fit into the designated outlooks, such as the walls in your home or your outfit.

We’re yearning to know the color combination you chose to tag along with the red color. Do you have any other color combination(s) you would love to see on the list? Please, share your thoughts using the comment section.