How To Decorate Around A Window Air Conditioner

Last Updated on February 25, 2020 by Ecorf

Let’s face it. There may be nothing as thrilling as escaping the hot summer sun by stepping into the cozy atmosphere created by the Air Conditioner (AC) in your tastefully-furnished room.

Why Should I Decorate Around A Window Air Conditioner?

While homeowners are looking forward to that “embracing” coolness emitted from the unit, they’re also careful not to reveal the AC as much as they could. That is because the unit is not only bulky but can detract the look from other interiors in the home.

So, today, you would discover how to decorate around a window air conditioner. Once mastered, you wouldn’t find it challenging to camouflage the unit so visitors in your home would focus on other aspects of the interior, rather than casting furtive glances at the Air Conditioner (AC). If you’re good to go, then let’s get it started.

  • Maintain the Uniformity of Colors

The AC doesn’t have to detract the beauty of your home with its bulkiness and “ugly look.” Hence, you need to take the first step in creating a uniform environment. That entails painting the front of the Air Conditioner with the same color as your walls. That way, visitors wouldn’t find it easy to spot the detraction that the unit could have created at the onset.


  • Custom-Made Console Cabinet

Haven’t you thought in this direction yet? It’s exciting to know that hiding the unit may not be tasking after all when you can get a furniture maker to construct a custom-made console cabinet. Ideally, the cabinet comes with dual doors that can be closed to hide the AC when it’s not in use.


  • Hang Curtains Over It

Homeowners needn’t break a sweat to achieve this. Primarily, the secret to this concealing idea for an AC is to ensure the presence of some cushions or seats that can back the front view of the Air Conditioner. Once that is in place, you can then proceed to hang a curtain over it.


  • Arrange Potted Plants Around the Unit

Let’s not call this a disguise in itself, because it is another way to introduce additional décor into the home. The rule of thumb to that regard stipulates the placement of potted plants in front of and around the Air Conditioner.

So, if a visitor gets too curious, he can be sure that his prying eyes wouldn’t be able to go beyond the beauty created by the potted plants. Instead, the focus would be glued to the plants, without giving much thought to the AC.


  • Install A Coordinating Panel

The task of decorating around the window Air Conditioner just got more straightforward with the installation of a coordinating panel. That helps in creating a uniform look around the environment where the unit is placed.

Interestingly, many Air Conditioners have additional interchangeable panels. With that in place, homeowners can then seize the opportunity to coordinate the unit either with the colors on the walls or the colors on the wood trim.


  • Install Drapery Fabrics

This may seem like the same disposition as the curtains. However, something makes the installation of a drapery better than the former. That is the eye-catching and arresting look that comes with the fabric.

Once installed, you can hang it over the AC to conceal the unit. On the other hand, if you intend to keep the unit running even with the installation of the drapery fabric, then you may want to use tiebacks for the draperies so that the Air Conditioner can be in motion at the same time.


  • Introduce A Room Divider

Ideas are out there. It’s up to you to pick them up and start implementing them. One such ideas that homeowners are continually using is a room divider. It helps in demarcating the room, especially the part where the Air Conditioner is mounted on the window.

The exciting thing about the introduction of a room divider is that it can hide the AC, just as it can be moved with ease when needed.


  • An Occasional Table is Helpful

It’s time to draw the eye to the décor in the room, and not keep it fixed on the “ugly look” portrayed by the Air Conditioner. You need to get a table that is a bit high or up to the level of the Air Conditioner. You can then proceed to introduce other items to take strategic positions atop it. Some of the things that are on the list are decorative lamps and any other piece of decoration that can enhance the beauty of your home’s interior while hiding the unit.


  • Place Dressing Panels in Front of the Unit

You know, there may be a few money to spend when there are ideas on how to decorate and spice up the décor of the home. Discover how to decorate around a window Air Conditioner opens up the door for more ideas to that regard.

In this instance, we’re looking at the placement of dressing panels in front of the unit. Doing so helps in introducing the classy retro look in the room while concealing the unit.


  • Fence Around the Unit

Now, we’ve looked at the interior of the home concerning how to decorate around the window AC. You can replicate the same in the exterior if the Air Conditioner is placed outside the house.

Fencing around the unit can be anything from portable lattice panels, putting up of a picket fence, or using wrought iron to mask the overt appearance of the AC. Those ensure that the Air Conditioner is well-concealed while protecting the unit at the same time.


Decorate Around A Window Air Conditioner

Your Air Conditioner (AC) is relied on to provide cooling in the home, especially in hot weather conditions. Likewise, the unit can create a distorting look that may not go down well or conform to the décor of the room. So, decorating and concealing it is the perfect way to maintain the beauty of the home.

Have you decided to implement the tips on how to decorate around a Window Air Conditioner? Then the ideas expressed on the list above would guide you the process.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. We also look forward to having your thoughts on the decorative idea that worked for you.