7 Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

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Looking to transform our tired couch was a bit of a challenge, thus began the search for the best couch covers for older couches. Many such couch slipcovers are to be found on Amazon, with bestseller status and highly reviewed.

Picking a couch slipcover will depend on the size of the couch, so having accurate measurements is important. It also is essential to factor in your couch’s design. Does it have loose cushions or is it completely upholstered? Some couch covers will work better than others, depending on the surface it needs to cover.

Providing protection against daily wear, the Sofa Shield Patented Slipcover is excellent for homes with kids and pets. With microfiber material to keep hair and dirt off the couch and provide extra comfort. This couch slipcover has long side flaps to cover armrests as well.

Its diamond-quilted patterned fabric ensures durability for long-lasting use. It has two reversible sides for a versatile stylish option in multiple colors and sizes. A couch slipcover that comes with adjustable zinc alloy straps to stay in place while offering a customizable fit.

These couch covers for older couches are easy to install and remove, machine washable in cold gentle cycle. Extensions are available to cover the couch, corner section, and loveseat.

7 Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

H.VERSAILTEX has perfect slipcovers for sofas with loose cushions. One-piece couch covers for older couches that is crafted from knitted jacquard fabric. It promises full protection as it covers a couch entirely while updating your home decor.

These couch slipcovers grant an assortment of color options for a vibrant interchangeable aesthetic. One of the best sofa covers to brighten any space and extend the life of your couch. Equipped with nonslip elastic loops to hold at the base edges for effortless installation.

This couch slipcover goes well with both cloth and leather sofas. With less wrinkling to worry about and a tight fit, this couch cover offers easy care and maintenance. Easy to clean in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle.

7 Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

Perfect fitting for any type of upholstery seating, this couch cover for older sofas will also transform a worn-out couch. Made with a three-layer microfiber material, quilted to get a durable tear-resistant couch cover. A polyester foam makes it extra soft and comfortable.

Its water-resistant surface offers not only protection against pets but also accidental spills. With the reversible design and range of colors, this couch slipcover brings versatility in aesthetic form. No need to buy a new couch just yet.

Easy to install with elastic straps and side flaps for armrests and anti-slip foam anchors. Made with fade-resistant fabric,  is machine washable with like colors, and tumble dry on low heat. It even comes with a 6-month warranty period to boot.

7 Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

A super stretchy couch slipcover for sofas from Easy-Going allows full couch coverage. Its highly competitive price makes it a budget-friendly option. Made with soft, comfy synthetic fabric it protects your couch from daily wear and tear.

With anti-slip foam fittings, it stays secured in place and is easy to install in only ten minutes. Drape your couch and tuck edges for a smooth fit. With a diversified color palette to choose from, it makes an old couch look brand new.

Anti-stain couch covers for older couches, machine washable with mild laundry detergent in tepid water. It extends couch usability and makes it easier to clean overall, especially for homes with pets.

Couch Covers For Older Couches

PureFit has an option for slipcovers for sofas with loose cushions with a smooth textured material. Completely covers the couch and stays in place with non-skid elastic bands and anti-slip foam anchors. This promises to keep the couch slipcover from snagging or wrinkling.

Instantly transforms an old couch into a new centerpiece for your living room. Works great with both leather and fabric couches. It’s very easy to install, like putting a sheet over a bed, tuck, and smooth.

Machine washable for easy and convenient cleaning, with soft velvety fabric in multiple vibrant color schemes. No more worrying about making a mess with a couch slipcover such as this, especially in homes with pets.

7 Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

A plush fabric couch slipcover from H.VERSAILTEX that brings the option to envelop each individual cushion. Another piece for the base of the couch makes the whole ensemble full. The stretchy cloth assures full coverage, as elastic bands hold it neatly snug.

Highly recommended for both cloth and leather couches. The luxurious velvet material offers a soft comfy touch similar to a cozy blanket. A functional couch slipcover with extra material to cover the entire couch, and an elegant finish.

Machine washable and easy to set up. The individual pieces will not only protect and upgrade your couch but make it seem like it’s been reupholstered. It comes in a variety of colors and for a diverse array of couch types.

7 Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

This couch slipcover brings a beautiful patchwork scalloped print to enliven any couch. Multiple colors are available to match with either the couch itself or a different piece of furniture. Made with a microfiber poly blend it adds to the overall decor of your home.

Stain-resistant and conveniently machine washable, with a texture suede-like finish. Easily protects your couch from wear and stains, as well as pet hair and accidental spills. Straps hold the couch slipcover in place from beneath, though it may not be suitable for leather couches.

A selection of prints and solid colors are available to effortlessly complement any room. Its reversible side permits a mixture of possible decorative combinations.

Couch Covers For Older Couches

Selecting The Best Couch Covers For Older Couches

You can pick and choose which slipcover is the best sofa cover for your couch or even get several. It can be a good idea to have one extra to replace, while the other is in the wash.

Any type of cover will protect your couch in the long run, and it will also upgrade it. A couch slipcover will make it look new, with added padding for comfort.