How to Cover Glass Doors for Privacy

Last Updated on February 29, 2020 by Ecorf

Security is something that keeps many people on their toes at all times. Many homeowners are bothered about what becomes of their homes when they’re away. Would the neighbors peep into their home? Or would some intruder for whatever reason, decide to look through the glass doors? Whatever the reasons are, you must maintain optimum privacy in your home, whether you’re around or away.

Sadly, your glass doors may be a potential factor that triggers the threat to your privacy. It would interest you to know that an intruder may see through the door from a distance or may come closer to have a more unobstructed view.

With the transparency of glass doors, you may now be looking for how to cover glass doors for privacy. The ideas below would inspire you:

Have you always wondered what it feels like to be glared at without your knowledge? It is an embarrassing situation that you have to stop at once!

The rule is to apply two-way mirror films to cover your glass doors. The fantastic thing here is that the mirror films can be installed quickly and provides excellent privacy from the side. Hence, you can still have a more unobstructed view from the inside, but that wouldn’t be possible from the outside.


  • Roller Blinds

You may also consider going for roller blinds. Also called “Roller Shades,” the shades help to reduce glare while boosting the privacy of your home. Besides, you can opt for different fabrics to get the right texture.

Interestingly, you can hang them like traditional blinds. That way, you only need to drag it down to cover your glass doors in particular and your home in general.


  • Curtain and Drapes

Do you still fancy having some peeps through your glass door to see what’s going on outside? Using curtains and drapes is the perfect option to cover glass doors for privacy while empowering you to see the “outside world.”

So, consider getting one today. You would be glad you did!


  • Shorter Roman Shades

It’s no secret that Roman Shades are one of the best covers for glass doors. They empower homeowners to cover their glass doors without compromising on the source of light into the home.

Hence, you may want to use the shorter version, as depicted in the picture below. That way, you would cover a considerable part of the glass doors while leaving extra room for sunlight.


  • Reusable Cling Sun Shades

Ideally, this covering for glass doors is recommended for homeowners that are tight on budget. The Reusable Cling Sun Shades is not just a privacy measure but also a way to prevent the excessive presence of sunlight in the home, especially in summer days.

So, get one and stick them on your glass doors. They don’t wear off soon, meaning that you can use them as long as you wish.



Our homes and offices need to be under our control at all times. It is up to you to decide who comes in or who would have to look around your home.

As people are curious to find out things for themselves, you should also be smart to learn how to cover glass doors for privacy. The ideas we expressed above would help you.