How to Make Grey Paint Look Less Blue

Last Updated on February 25, 2020 by Ecorf

Okay, so you’ve been experimenting with colors and came up with an idea to paint your walls. That’s a brilliant idea by the way! It would you some costs of bringing the painter and helps you master the art of painting.

But, things didn’t turn out as you expected. One of the colors dominated, leaving the wall with an awkward look. It happens most of the times when you’re using grey paint that tends to be shinier.

If you’ve already made the mistake, you may have started looking for a way to fix it. Don’t continue with your search because we’ve got you covered on how to make grey paint look less blue. Continue reading to discover how you can pull off the trick.

Use White and Orange Paints

Yes, it can be embarrassing to discover that your walls are blue after a few hours of painting them. While some of the blames are apportioned to the manufacturer that may have erroneously failed to dictate the right coloring, you should also take steps to correct the measure.

The combination of white and orange paints tends to be the perfect solution to make grey paint look less blue. It would interest you to know that the mixture has been used over the years by homeowners that accidentally painted their walls too blue.


Now, follow the steps below to fix the brightened colors:

  • Get the Paints Ready

The first thing you should do is to get the needed paints. In this instance, we’re looking at the orange and white colors. So, move down to your favorite store to get them.

  • Mix the Paints

With the paints already purchased, the next step is to mix them. Take note not to overdo this because it can mar the whole process. You wouldn’t want to leave another color patch after going through the stress.

First, get your measurements right. The rule is to add equal parts of white and orange to the too-blue grey paint. While at it, ensure that you don’t add any of the colors one too many. Only add a small amount at a time. That way, you would be sure of not wholly canceling out the blue color.

  • Apply the Paint in Portion

Once mixed, you can then proceed to apply the paint in portions. Do this by painting a particular part of the wall and leave it for some time to confirm the outcome.

  • Complete the Painting and Leave to Dry

With the strategic painting format, you would be able to paint your walls in good time. After that, allow it to dry.

Change the Décor

In some cases, your room’s décor may be the cause of the “bluish” hints you derive after painting the walls with grey paint. Hence, you may consider changing the positions of the décor to align with that of the color.

Get a New Paint

If the tricks of repositioning the décor and using the white and orange paints do not work, you may want to change the colors entirely.

This time, ensure that you apply the new paint in portions until you’re sure that you’ve gotten the desired color.

Correct Too Much Blue in Grey Paint

You now have the clues on how to make grey paint look less blue. Hopefully, the first two options would help you pull off the stunt. Otherwise, you may have to change the paint to a new color of your choice.

Do you have any other ideas on how to correct too much blue in grey paint? Please feel free to use the comment section to drop your opinion(s).