Washer and Dryer for Apartments without Hookups

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We all need neat clothes, whether we’re going to work or spending some time at home or in our favorite spots. As usual, the clothes would get dirty after some time, and you would need to wash them. Depending on your financial status, you may want to patronize the Laundromat where your laundry would not only be washed and dried but also ironed.

On the contrary, many homeowners or people that have packed into a new apartment would be looking for ways to cut costs. That informs the reason why they opt to buy a washing machine. Even at that, the laundry needs to be dried, and that brings up the need for a dryer. Sadly, only a few apartments have hookups that support the washer and the dryer.

Do you find yourself in such a situation? Read further to discover how you go about it.

What Does Washer and Dryer Hookups Mean?

The hookups, in this instance, imply the special plug that needs specific wiring to connect it to both the washer and dryer.

Many apartments tend not to have washer and dryer hookups. The absence of that means that you cannot install the washer and dryer except you fix the links. Thankfully, some of these come with connections. Thus, you can always figure out a way to set up the washer and dryer without the hookups.


Items Needed to Connect the Hookups

Now, you need to strike the necessary connections for your washer and dryer to work appropriately. Before doing that, you need to have some items or tools ready. Here are some of them:

  • Electrical Outlet

Ideally, you need to have electricity to be able to use the washing machine and the dryer. For the washer, you would need an electrical outlet that matches the power.

On the other hand, you need to look at the properties of the dryer. For instance, if it is an electric dryer, then a 240-volt electrical outlet must be installed to boost its performance. Otherwise, a gas-powered dryer would need an adequate supply of gas to keep it moving. So, figure out the type of power the dryer uses before any other thing.

  • Exhaust Vent

The exhaust vent is used primarily for the dryer and is perfect for gas-powered dryers.

Washer and Dryer for Apartments without Hookups

  • Supply of Hot and Cold Water

Now, you would need sufficient water for thorough laundry. Ideally, the combination of hot and cold water is the perfect step to getting rid of dirt and germs on your clothing. Besides, the water would also be needed to rinse the clothes after washing.

  • Drain

How would you get rid of the water used for the laundry? There is a need for a drainage system that would help in getting rid of the water without hassles, and that is what the drain here is meant to do.

  • Technical Know-How

You may have all the tools as mentioned above, but do not have the requisite knowledge to set them up. Therefore, you can only be able to set up the washer and dryer for apartments without hookups when you have the technical expertise.

Also, you need to have some plumbing knowledge, which would be used to construct the drain. More so, carpentry skills are also crucial in this case to help you in mounting and setting up the electrical outlets, as well as attaching the washer and the dryer to them.

Steps to Installing the Washer and Dryer without Hookups

The tools are about to get to work. Have you been having a hard time installing a washing machine and a dryer without hookups? Then read further to see how you can do them without breaking a sweat.

  • Electricity

A 120-volt electrical outlet may have been installed near the washing machine and the dryer. The rule of thumb is to verify if the outlet has ground fault protection. Also, check if the pre-installed breaker can carry the specifications of the washer and the dryer, you’re trying to install.

Washer and Dryer for Apartments without Hookups

Otherwise, you would need to change the electrical outlet to 240-volt, which is the perfect power supply capacity for controlling the appliances. Besides, you also have to consider installing a 240-volt dryer and 30 to 50 amps breakers for regulating the appliances.

  • Drainage

The drain, which is called the standpipe for the washing machine, would be constructed with a 2-inch ABS Pipe.

Ensure that the standpipe is about 34 inches above the ground, and has an opening that is higher than the overflow level of the washing machine. The construction should be in a way that the water empties into a P-trap that would also empty into a convenient waste line. Note that the P-trap must be vented within 5 feet of the trap, and may run to a point where it can be connected to an existing vent.

  • Water Supply

You have two options for setting up the water supply. The first is to connect the washing machine to the nearest 3/4 inch main cold and hotlines. Otherwise, you may have to connect it close to the water heater for easy access to the cold and hot water inlet and outlet lines, respectively.

The lines would be tied in with 3/4-inch by 1/2-inch tees, after which they would be run to the wall behind the washer. The water supply lines may be terminated with the washing machine box and contain an opening for the standpipe.

Washer and Dryer for Apartments without Hookups

  • Dry Gas and Vent

The last but not the least is the installation of the 1/2-inch block or galvanized iron gas dryer. You may need the services of a profession in this regard because of the potentialities of a fire outbreak.

The vent would be installed by exiting it through the roof or the side of the house. From there, you can then cut a hole for it before sealing the gap and installing the vent. Using a 25-feet maximum length metal duct pipe is the right step to fixing the vent with no bending.

Install Your Washer and Dryer without Hookups

You can now see that the absence of hookups doesn’t imply that you wouldn’t have a washing machine and a dryer in your apartment. At most, you may want to install a combo machine that can wash and dry at the same time.

So, the next time you, your friends, and your family want to install a washer and a dryer without hookups, you can be sure that the guide above would help you do that with ease.