What Is A Keeping Room

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Modern homes now have a dedicated part that is called the “keeping room”. To many people, that sounds strange. Why would there be a place to “keep things” in the home. While it may all sound absurd, the fact is that the keeping room is “an area adjacent to the kitchen.”

If you’ve been wondering about what it means or you want to find out the concept behind it, then this article would offer you clues about what is a keeping room.

The History of the Keeping Room

As with many things that are dominant in the world today, there’s a history behind the keeping room. The history dates back to the 18th century in colonial times, especially in the Colonial America. The origination of the keeping room in the colonial times was also apparent when only a few homes called “castles” were in existence.

At the time, most of the cooking in the colonial homes was done around the only fireplace in the home. The idea behind that was simple; the fireplace was the warmest part of the house. So, it was only right for the family members to draw close to the kitchen without necessarily getting closer to the fireplace. Hence, the family members would gather in the multi-use room that is attached close to it.


The room typically has many of the living room components, such as a couch. The family members would lounge there and complete small tasks like writing letters while the food is cooked. Aside from serving as the rallying point for a beehive of activities like sewing and cooking preparations, the keeping room also becomes a bedroom of sorts for families, especially in winter when they need warmth.

The Modern Design of the Keeping Room

Although keeping rooms have existed for some 200 years, modern homes are now getting equipped with the design. The incorporation of the modern-day design into homes comes with additional features like more spaces and some distance from the kitchen.

Besides, the rooms now take the shape of a smaller version of living rooms. They now feature a fireplace and a place for watching television. The extra seating for family and friends alongside the location in the center of the main level of a room makes it a casual hub for family activities.


What are the Benefits of A Keeping Room?

Why would you consider having a keeping room in the first place? What other benefits do you get aside from the warmth that comes through the fireplace?

  • Provision of Comfort and Accessible Seating

It might interest you to know that the keeping room is ideal for homeowners that are short of space in the living room. Here, it allows you to host more family and friends. Besides, it eliminates the need for your guests to congregate around the kitchen.

They can be a distance away while you (the host) make the meal. The additional comfort provided by the couch, the lightning, and the television make the room an ideal place to be.


  • Keeps You Warm in Winter

The provision of warmth during the coldest part of the year (winter) is the most outstanding benefits of a keeping room. The miniature living room design makes it an ideal place for family and friends to congregate for warmth during cold days.

Final Words on A Keeping Room

The keeping room is an informed design that replaces the need for family and friends to congregate around the kitchen counter. It also helps to keep your guests out of the way while you’re cleaning or making a meal. The uniqueness of the design makes it a darling to many homeowners, who incorporate it until this day.

Now that you’ve learned about what it a keeping room, you may want to share the idea with your friends and family. Do you have any other suggestions about the keeping room? We’d be waiting to know your thoughts by dropping them in the comments.