What is a Semi-Detached Home?

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What are you looking for in a home? You may have your heart set on a building with plenty of indoor space and a private backyard to suit your comfort. You may also decide t for a bigger apartment, where you and your family would live.

Potential homeowners are continually on the lookout for new homes where they can live in comfort. This comes with many decision-making processes, which includes the type of home you want to buy and the location. You will want to make sure that the new home has enough space and other ideal features that would suit your lifestyle.

Nevertheless, depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to afford a detached house or even a condo living apartment. That is where you have the option of going for an affordable variant, which is a semi-detached home.

What is a Semi-Detached Home?

This type of home is the affordable option for potential homeowners that are working on a budget. Otherwise called a “semi”, semi-detached home is a single-family house that shares a common wall with the next house in the neighborhood. This means that the home is constructed as one part of a pair of homes that share the same wall.

Ideally, a semi-detached home is attached to the next home in the sense that the construction is in pairs, in which each house is a “mirror” of the others. This is tenable because the houses built in this manner tend to have the same layout, including color and design.


Semi-Detached Home vs. Detached Home

We are sure that when looking for a house to buy, you may have come across these two terms: semi-detached and detached homes. It is essential to note that both concepts are almost similar, except for some differences. One of these is that a semi-detached home is the affordable version of the detached.

A detached home is a stand-alone or separate single-family residence. The semi-detached, on the other hand, is joined to a similar home by a common wall, which demarcates them. A semi-detached home is roundly regarded as a “mirror image” of the other home with a shared wall because it is built in pairs and shares a wall with the adjoining neighbor.

Advantages of a Semi-Detached Home

Potential homeowners or buyers do not necessarily choose this type of residence because of the cost-effectiveness. Some others settle for this option because they need neighbors they can interact with. Whichever factor that propels you to make the decision; you would need to look at the benefits of having a semi-detached home.

  • Lower Purchase Price

It is a fact that costs constitute part of the decision-making process to acquire a property. That is one of the essential points to consider when buying a home.

What is a Semi Detached Home

Potential homeowners prefer a semi-detached home because of the huge chunks of money they get to save. Ideally, the savings on the cost of the building range between $250-350 depending on the location and the properties of the house.

Unless you have set your mind on buying a detached home, choosing a semi-detached version should factor into your purchase decision because you tend to cut down on your expenses if you choose it over the other.

  • More Space

When potential homebuyers hear about a semi-detached home, their first line of thought is on the limited space in the building. While this is true, it doesn’t change the fact that you would enjoy more space than condos and townhomes.

The concept is simple: you would have your side of the land, which is big when compared to other housing types. Also, the relatively large space offers you the opportunity to accommodate a big family in a limited space.

Besides, the home sits on long, narrow lots. This combines with the lower construction costs that are ideal if you are considering expanding your family.

  • Shared Responsibility

Aside from the potential bliss of having coordinated neighbors, you also get to share costs with your neighbors. For instance, if your roof is on its last legs, you may be able to pool resources with your neighbors to get a good deal on a new one.

The same applies to mow the lawns in both yards. You and your neighbors may either take turns to carry out this activity or pool resources to get someone to do the job.

  • Privacy and Your Own Space

Another reason why homebuyers are passionate about purchasing a semi-detached home is the privacy that comes with it. However, this may not usually be the case if you have noisy neighbors.

Therefore, ascertain the type of individuals you would be cohabiting with before making the buying decision.

Disadvantages of a Semi-Detached Home

Although the prospects of buying the home are thrilling, you should also consider some of the potential downsides.

  • Transportation Needs

If you have a car, you may need to enquire about the transportation condition in the location you’re looking to buy a semi-detached home. Many semi-detached homes have a private driveway, while some others have a shared variation or none at all.

Therefore, ensure your transportation or parking needs factor into your decision.

What is a Semi Detached Home

  • Noise

You also have to deal with noise, especially when your neighbors are given to partying or yelling all day. This is prominent despite the insulation and noise-proof facilities used in the building. It gets worse when the home in question had been in existence for years.

Besides, the miniature sizes of the walls make it easy for noise to transfer through to the other home.

  • Home Privacy

One of the biggest downsides to buying a semi-detached home is the intrusion into your privacy. Depending on the design of your house, the attachment of the homes makes it hard for you to enjoy maximum privacy.

Besides, you would be sharing the same wall with your neighbors and have to use the same driveway.

  • Delayed Repairs

You need to inform your neighbors before making any major renovation in your home. This can slow down the process, because the other party may either be against the decision or be slow at assenting to it.

  • Ownership Tussles

Indeed, you don’t own the other side of the fence or some of the structural components facing into your garden. However, it is important to establish who owns what at the onset to avoid, because this can trigger misunderstandings between you and your neighbors.

What is a Semi Detached Home

Final Thoughts on a Semi-Detached Home

A semi-detached home is ideal for homebuyers that want to enjoy some level of privacy without breaking the bank. If you can cope with the downsides/disadvantages, then choosing this type of housing would be the best option for you and your family.

Nevertheless, ensure that you liaise with your real estate agent to get the most out of your preferred semi-detached home, including the location and other necessary paperwork.

Are you looking at buying a semi-detached home? Did you find the above tips helpful? Let us hear your thoughts by dropping a comment.