Creative Ways to Hide a Tree Stump

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You have successfully cut that precious tree in your yard but not pleased with the small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots, which are still rooted to the ground. A tree stump can create an unattractive site in your yard, which is why you need to hide it.

While it is a good idea to incorporate the stumps into your landscape, it may not be as easy as it seems. You can chop your tree stumps all day without realizing any noticeable difference. Are you at a loss on what to make out of the unattractive site? You would need to take advantage of these creative ways to hide a tree stump.

Turn it into a Flowerbed

From the experienced sculptor to the gardener, everyone has a feasible option to decorate the tree stump. The first option that you may want to try is to turn it into a flowerbed.

The simple steps to go about this are to cut a bowl into the top of the stump. You would then follow this up by filling the bowl with soil before surrounding the stump with your favorite flowers.


Add Plants to Hide Your Tree Stump

You can convert the supposedly wasted and unattractive tree stump into something of economic value. The idea is to add plants to hide the stump.

To achieve this, you need to choose from a variety of options. For instance, you can plant climbing vines like Virginia creeper or sweet peas to hide it. Tall-growing plants like red barrenwort and lavender fit into the picture. Otherwise, you may want to plant a series of shrubs like oakleaf hydrangeas around the tree stump.

Convert into Chairs and Tables

Are you looking for something creative to do with your tree stump? It is time to show your innovative side. Take your chisel and set to work to carve out chairs and tables out of the previously unattractive sight created by the tree stump.

It is worth mentioning that this approach is feasible when you have more than one tree stumps in your yard. Just use your innovation to carve the chairs to face the same direction with the table in the middle.

Creative Ways to Hide a Tree Stump

Plant Herbs

Instead of allowing the tree stump to lie about and causing an unattractive site in your yard, you must convert it to a garden of sorts.

You just need to use a trowel to dig up enough space in the trunk before planting the roots of the seedlings. Replace with the dug soil from the trunk but do not make this too tight. You can water the plant at designated intervals and allow it to grow.

Create a Table Game

Why spend more money at a casino when you can build one in your home? It is time to create and paint a table game of your choice from the remaining portion of the dug tree trunk.

Chess and checker are ideal table games that you can create atop the trunk.

Make Your Tree Stump Creative

Creative Ways to Hide a Tree Stump

With the tips offered above, you can set about the task of converting the wasting tree trunk into something of value.

Do you have any other creative ways to hide a tree stump? Kindly use the comment section to tell us other tips you would love to see on the list.