How To Arrange Photos On Walls For A Classy Look!

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How to arrange photos on walls to get the look you want is a skill some of us have learned while others have not.  Many think it is a creative gift that we just don’t have. This is not true, and this article will show you that. For instance, anyone can learn how to group pictures on a wall.

Hanging Pictures and Creating a Look

The point of hanging pictures on a wall is to create a look that you enjoy. Many people want the way their pictures look to reflect something back about themselves. It is really not that difficult and this article will show you step by step how to do it. Make yourself an oasis with how you group your picture on the wall.

For instance, I’m moving soon into an apartment by myself for the first time in many, many years. It’s a little nerve-wracking but the one thing I am really looking forward to is hanging pictures on walls that express who I am. This is one of the biggest benefits of learning how to group pictures together on a wall. In this way, you can respect yourself while offering a pleasant environment to others.

Hanging Pictures and Creating a Look

How To Group Pictures On A Wall

So how do you go about knowing how to group pictures on a wall or how to organize them? Let’s look at a couple of ways of doing this and organizing them at the same time.

  1. First, you need to know how much wall space you have to work with. Even though you might want a coordinated room look, still, you can only work with one wall at a time.
  2. So choose your first wall and think about how to organize pictures on a wall. What do you need to do first? Measure the wall space of course.
  3. Now choose a theme for your wall and select some pictures to put on the wall.
  4. You will need some masking tape and layout and tape on the floor, the exact size, and the shape of the pictures you want to hang.
  5. You will now learn to group pictures on a wall by grouping them on the floor. So keep playing with the design until you are satisfied it is what you want.
  6. On the floor, you might ask. Will that really transfer to the wall? It will if you are precise in your drawings.
  7. Keep moving the pieces around until the group is satisfying to the eye.
  8. Measure this grouping.
  9. Hang your group pictures according to your floor layout.
  10. Step back and admire what you learned about how to arrange photos on walls.

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How To Arrange Photos On Walls For A Classy Look!

Hanging Pictures Can be Fun!

Whether you are doing it by yourself or with your family or friends, hanging pictures can be fun. For instance, I mentioned I was moving. Well, one of my best memories is moving into the place I am in now and having a group of friends decorate the walls.

What a joy it was to see one person decide how to organize pictures on a wall versus the other friend’s vision of how to group pictures on a wall. They were very different but very creative visions. Therefore to my surprise when they were finished, the two visions came together pretty well.

My walls are still decorated with those hanging pictures. We all learned that day how to arrange phones on walls.

Additional Tips on How to Arrange Photos on Walls

Here are some additional tips and things to remember. There are some basic rules to follow.

  • For instance, if you have light-colored, or delicate photos, or black and whites, hang them higher than the darker, heavier picture.
  • Leave enough space around each of the pictures so that your walls don’t look too crowded or “busy”. On the other hand, if you leave too much space then the hanging pictures will appear not to be in a group, but isolated in themselves.

  • Compatible – You don’t have to hang light with light or red with red. They don’t have to match to make a great-looking wall of hanging pictures. For instance, they just have to be compatible.
  • Equipment – Use the right nails or fixtures to hang them the best and so they hang straight.
  • Variety – You might even intersperse some other items such as mirrors or sconces.
  • Methods – In addition, you can change up the way you hang the pictures. Use the methods of an art museum regarding how to hang them. Use a rod that is attached to the wall. Choose between a rod and a cable. Depending upon this choice, you then choose cables or clips to hold the photos.

Some Looks When Hanging Pictures

Here are just a few of the possible “looks” you can create in learning how to arrange photos on walls. This is only a small sampling and the most important “look” is the one that gives you the most satisfaction.

  • Black and White – One of the most popular answers to how to group pictures on a wall. Use only black and white pictures. Your first reaction might be that this would be stark. You’ll be surprised when you see it.
  • Minimalistic – This is a lifestyle trend at the moment, so it might be perfect for hanging pictures. This is not black and white but it does limit the number of colors on the wall to two to four. This look has lots of white space. This look will keep your walls from being too “busy”.
  • Galleries – If you haven’t been to an art gallery lately, go before you decide how to organize pictures on a wall.

Some Looks When Hanging Pictures


So now you should have a good idea of how to arrange photos on walls. You should have a good idea of how to measure and lay our your group of pictures. You should know how to organize your pictures on a wall and create your own look. Therefore, it is time to pick your favorites and get started!