What To Do With Enamel Pins

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Fashion comes in different styles. As the fashion industry continues to grow, more inventions also come knocking on the door. That informs the reason why both men and women and continually trying out new methods of looking good without breaking a bank.

The wearing of enamel pins has, in recent times, become a norm, as many people are already buying into the idea. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that different dimensions have been incepted to make the style worthwhile.

What are Enamel Pins?

Enamel pins, which are also called “lapel pins,” are small pins that are usually worn on clothing. There use cases cut across different niches, such as the use for a fashion statement and as a mark of affiliation to a cause or an organization. Interestingly, enamel pins can also be used on a piece of fabric (like the lapel of a jacket) or attached to some accessories like scarves, backpacks, hats, and purses.

What To Do With Enamel Pins

What Can I Do With Enamel Pins?

You and many other people out there with the same question have many choices to make when it comes to enamel pins. So, if you’re looking for ideas, then here are what to do with enamel pins.

  • Use the Pin as A Scarf Holder

You’ve heard that enamel pins are versatile. You may have also heard that the pins can be tagged along with scarves. Here is the opportunity you’ve been longing to have. You can use the enamel pins as a scarf holder by placing the pin at the center of the knot, after draping the scarf around your neck.

Otherwise, you may want to pin the layer of the scarf using the enamel pins. That is a more flexible option than tying the scarf.


  • Place the Pin on the Lapel of Your Jacket

It’s no news that enamel pins can be used on clothing. Placing them on the lapel of a suit jacket may be one of the options you may be willing to try. The rule of thumb is to affix the pins (or pin if you’re using one) on the left lapel of the suit jacket. At the same time, ensure that the pin(s) touches the outside edge of the buttonhole.


  • Attach the Pins to the Back of Your Dress

Do you love parties? Maybe you have a gala party to attend. Ideally, such occasions demand specific clothing, especially for women. So, if you’re going out on a V-neck dress, then it may be an excellent fashion statement to attach the enamel pins to the back of the dress.


  • Use the Pins on Your Hat

Enamel pins (lapel pins) are not feasible for use in clothing. They can as well be added to accessories, and the hat is one of such. In that instance, it is advisable to stick to a few lapel pins (preferably one).

Also, consider choosing a pin that is either in the same color palette as the hat or another color that can create an intriguing look when worn.


  • Replace A Button with a Lapel Pin

Did you peradventure lose a button on your clothing, most notably a suit or jacket? You may not need to bother fixing it, especially when you’re in a hurry. All there is to do is attaching an enamel pin to the space allotted the lost button.

It might interest you to know that it’s a perfect way to bring back the shine in the jacket or suit. More so, it can only take a “detective eye” (if it can be detected anyway) to realize the trick you just played. So, choose a flashy-colored lapel/enamel pin to replace the button on your suit or jacket.


  • Wear A Tie Pin

Gone are those days when you would go to the workplace with the typical type of tie. It’s time to spice things up, and the enamel pin is there to help. The secret to that is to maintain about 2 inches of distance between the pin and the top button of your jacket or suit.

It’s advisable to stick to a lapel pin that is consonant to the color of your suit jacket. More so, choosing silver or golden color wouldn’t be a bad idea to start.


  • Attach A Lapel Pin to Your Necklace Pendant

Understandably, you cherish the pendant that came with your necklace. However, if you’re looking to make something innovative out of it, then you may want to attach a lapel pin to the pendant.

That is feasible by opening the jump ring and attaching the pin, before closing the jump ring.


  • Pins Can Go with Bags

Bags are one of the accessories where enamel pins can be attached. So, you may want to try that out by choosing varieties of colors that accentuate the color of the selected bag(s). You can also use the pin to create a funky look to other accessories within the same category, such as purses and backpacks.


  • Pin Cushions

Although enamel pins are widely used in clothing and other related accessories, they can also be used in the home. The interior of the house can get some of the sleek touches that come with having lapel pins.

The cushions are one of the essential furniture in the house that you may want to invest in some of your favorite pins. If you cannot go with the Do-It-Yourself (which is fun), then you may want to get already-made or vintage cushions to add little touches of craft in your house.


  • Enamel Pins Can Go with Sweaters

Just like the suit jacket, you can also make use of enabling pins with your sweater. You have the option of putting the lapel pins to the shoulder or the sleeve of the shirt.


Get Inspired by the Enable Pins Ideas

Enables pins/lapel pins are excellent accessories to spice up the looks of your clothing, accessories, and even the interior of a house. So, take a cue from the ideas expressed on the list to get the most out of the enamel pins.

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