Easy Steps On How To Make Bed Frame Taller

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One of the most important pieces of furniture you can have in your home is the bed. The bed is not only for sleeping, but it’s the one place where most people can relax after a long day of work. Because of this, choosing the right bed is very important for many.

When choosing the right bed, there’s a lot to keep in mind like the dimensions, warranty coverage, materials, mattress breathability and comfort, and more. But, the bed frame is highly important as it determines how tall and sturdy your bed is.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a bed too close to the ground, you can simply learn how to make the bed frame taller. Whether you buy bed risers or wedges, or you go for mattress toppers or even add wheels to your bed, we will look at the different ways to make your bed frame taller.

How High Do You Want Your Bed To Be

Before getting started, it’s important to consider how high you want your bed frame. This way, you don’t end up with a bed that is too high. You can always reverse what you do to make the bed higher but this will put you through double trouble.

When considering the height, you should consider how much space you have in your room, your roommates, kids, or elderly people, and your budget.

How High Do You Want Your Bed To Be

Install Bed Risers

Bed risers are the most popular hacks to consider when considering how to make your bed higher. Their popularity stems from the ease of use, wide accessibility, and variety of height and material options.

You can choose plastic bed risers which are easy to install and very common. On the downside, they are not as durable as other options, Metal risers solve the problem of durability and some of them are even adjustable based on your height, but they aren’t always compatible with bed frames. Wood is the ideal choice, as you can make yours or buy a prefabricated one. It is durable, compatible, and adds attractive aesthetics to the bed.

After deciding the material your bed riser will be made of, you also need to think of the height you’re going for. The riser should add the right amount of weight you want while handling the weight of your bed and its users. You can also consider the aesthetics of the riser.

You can easily install your bed riser without hiring any professional to help you. You simply need to remove the mattress from the frame and line up the riser underneath the frame. Check the specific instructions on the riser you buy before installation.

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

Easy Steps On How To Make Bed Frame Taller

Add Wheels To Your Bed

When raising your bed frame, you will be surprised at how handy wheels can come in. Although it sounds unstable to have wheels under your bed, purchasing the right kind with a locking mechanism will keep your bed in place without worrying you about wobbling.

Adding wheels to your bed will only give your frame a few inches of extra height, as you can’t install massive wheels underneath your frame. If you want to rise your bed just a little bit and increase the maneuverability at the same time, wheels will be a perfect choice.

With the wheels, you can move your bed when vacuuming or change the layout of your room without stress. Keep in mind that wheels don’t always look attractive, so you can use creative ways to cover up the wheels after installing them.

It’s advisable to purchase screw-on caster wheels with locking mechanisms for your bed. You simply need to turn the bed frame upside down and drill post holes into it. Based on the user manual of the wheels you buy, you can then install the wheels and put your bed back in place.

Use Mattress Toppers

If you’re looking for convenience and installation that is done within seconds, mattress toppers are a great method. This is one of our top methods on how to make your mattress higher, and it only requires the extra space under your bed. It will give your bed frame extra height in a simple way.

Because of the straightforward installation, it is best for those with debilitating medical conditions, students, or seniors. It is also affordable and is known for enhancing your sleeping experience. This is because mattress toppers are breathable, soft, and comfortable.

Despite its many benefits, mattress toppers won’t add a lot of inches to the height of your frames like the bed risers or even the wedges. You can go for it if you just need a little push-up.

It’s easy to purchase mattress toppers from manufacturers of all sleep-related products. When you take it out of your packaging, remove the air seal and leave it for about 24 hours so that it fully expands and gets rid of its gas. Then, place it over the mattress; add the protector and then your sheets.

Use Mattress Toppers

Install Bed Wedges

Finally, another good method on how to make your bed higher is bed wedges. Also called bed adjusters, they fit under one side of your bed and elevate it so that your head and neck are higher than the rest of your body. It is a creative way to raise your bed frame and make your sleeping more comfortable. Not everyone might like bed wedges, but it is ideal for those with health conditions or sleep disorders like back pain, spinal injuries, sleep apnea, respiratory illnesses, and the likes.

Whether you want a remote-controllable bed wedge or just a basic slab to place under your bed, there are different options out there for all height needs. While the installation process can differ based on the type you buy, it involves removing your mattress and placing the bed wedges under the two top ends of your frame.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Bed Frame Taller

Now that you know how to make the bed frame taller, you can enhance your sleeping experience, add aesthetics to your room and enjoy the other benefits that come with making this change. It’s pretty straightforward to raise your bed frame and if you don’t like the change, you can easily remove the riser, wedges, wheels, or topper and try again.