How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

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It’s only three (3) months away from the celebration of another Christmas, and the dawn of a new year in extension. There’s no denying that a lot of festivities would go down at the time, and now is the best time to start getting things in order ahead of the “great celebration.

One of the joyous moments that come with Christmas is the cruising and admiration of the Christmas tree. Many households would ideally set up a large outdoor tree to add more shine to the celebration. For added cheer to the home and the neighborhood at large, you may need to hang Christmas lights on the trees. If you’ve been having a hard time in the past when doing that, there’s no doubt that you can pull it off now without hassles.

So, without much ado, here are the steps to put you through on how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree.

Define Your Specifications for the Christmas Light

The rule of thumb is to come up with the specifications you need for the Christmas light. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • The Height of the Tree: This would help you make a perfect choice of a Christmas light that can measure up to the height.
  • The Circumference of the Tree: The circumference of the tree can be determined by measuring around the tree’s trunk.
  • Discover the Feet of Lights: The length of the Christmas light should be equivalent to the circumference of the large outdoor tree


Hanging Christmas Light on a Large Outdoor Tree Alone

It’s now time to set about the hanging of the lights on the outdoor tree. Before doing that, you need to get some items ready. They help in making the process even simpler. Here they are:

  • Outdoor extension cords
  • Paint roller extension poles
  • Strings of outdoor lights (preferably up to 100)
  • Adhesive-backed hook

Once these materials are ready, then you’re just a few steps away from putting your favorite Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree. The guide below is helpful.

  • Extend the Poles to the Top of the Tree

You must have measured the height of the tree to discover how tall it is. With that figure, you can then set about the task of getting outdoor extension poles/ladders that can go as high as the height.

Now, you have to extend the poles to get to the top of the tree. Also, note that the lights ideally out to extend from the top of the tree to the bottom. So, ensure that the poles reach the top of the tree, so you wouldn’t have hassles in bringing down the strings of outdoor lights after securing those at the top.

  • Attach the Hook to the Pole

Now, you have to attach the adhesive-backed hook to the top of the pole.

  • Get the Extension Cord Ready

Lighting the sizeable outdoor tree can be fun when you remember to get the extension cord ready in time. It helps in holding the strings of light when connected. So, secure the extension cords you would need at the base of the tree. Note that the extension cord must be plugged into a light source before you proceed to plug in the strands of light. That is tenable because it’s acclaimed easier to arrange the lights on the tree when they’re lit.

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

  • Plug the Lights

The next step is to plug the first strings of outdoor lights to the extension cord. Note that one strand of light isn’t the maximum – you can connect up to three strands of light in one hook. The number of strings of lights also depends on the size of the tree. So, ensure you factor that when making the decision.

You can then place the first stings of light on the hook before lifting the pole to take the lights up to the top of the tree. You can then use the dangling hook to work your way around the tree until the lights have been strategically placed on the branches of the tree.

If you need more lights, you can always string them in batches of three into another extension cord. Use the same process as the former until the lights have gone all around the tree.

Decorating A Large Outdoor Tree with Help

Most times, you may not be able to do it all alone. So, you need to get another person to join you in putting Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree.

Start the process by plugging the male end of the plug at the base of the tree. Connect the male and female lights as you progress with wrapping the lights around the tree. Ensure you use a systematic approach to achieve success.

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

While the lights are supposed to be firmly held to the tree, you may also need to use a zip tie to secure them if you’re afraid they would go off. Proceed to roll the lights into a ball for easy maneuvering around the branches and trunks of the tree. You should consider wrapping many of the lights around the main branches of the tree because they are sturdier. The task would then be completed when you wrap the lights back down the trunk before securing them at the bottom of the tree.

Using A Ring Connector

You can also use a ring connector to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree. It is one of the most used methods because of the simplicity. Besides the flexible mounting and replacements, using a ring connector also helps in ensuring the dispersal of the lights in different directions.

The procedure entails placing the ring connector in the middle of the tree. The Christmas lights would then run out in different directions from the centralized source at the center of the tree. You may also want to place the ring connector at the top of the tree, from where the lights would run down in a curtain-like style from the top.

Hang Christmas Lights on A Large Outdoor Tree

Make the most out of the upcoming Christmas celebrations. Bring out the shine in your home by hanging Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree where all can view it and sundry. Do you need help to do that? Go through the steps listed above to get inspired with ideas on how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree.