How To Keep Rain From Blowing In On Porch

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How to keep rain from blowing in on porch can be a major dilemma for any homeowner. If you add a porch to your home, you have a major investment in it. This article will help you to keep rain out of your porch. There are many ways to do so and many products you can use.

How To Keep Rain Out Of Screen Porch

Your porch is not only a monetary investment. For instance, it is a place where you and your family can relax. It is a place to keep the elements out but still enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. Screened-in porches are one of the most sought-after amenities in any home on the market. So how do you stop rain from coming through the window screens and devaluing your investment?

If your porch is made of wood or you have nice patio furniture that is susceptible to water damage, rain is a problem. Rain is the enemy of the screened-in porch when the wind is blowing it into yours. As I said earlier, there are several options for keeping the rain out of your screened-in porch.

Screen Porch Window Covers

One of the ways to keep rain out of your porch is to use screen porch window covers. There are variety of these on the market. Other ways of protecting your porch might include, for instance, a rain curtain, an overhang awning, or other types of protection.  However, the most effective of these are the screen porch window covers.

Let’s take a quick look at the other options before looking closely at window covers.

Rain Curtains

Rain curtains are a good solution for some porches but not for others. A rain curtain is one way to keep the rain out of a screen porch. These curtains are one of the favorites for homeowners in solving the problem of rain coming in your screens.

Rain curtains can be made of a variety of materials with the best being polyester or polypropylene. Both materials are acceptable but polypropylene is more expensive. On the whole, however, rain curtains are affordable, effective, and easy to install.

Overhang Awning

Overhang awning or porch extension will block the angled rain that is coming into your porch. This can either be a retractable or a fixed awning. The retractable awning is very popular because of the additional benefits it offers. The awn will also keep your porch cooler on sun-scorched days. Awnings are less expensive than window covers and leaning in roofs but about the same price as the rain curtains.

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How To Keep Rain From Blowing In On Porch

Other Screen Porch Window Covers

  • Roofs that lean in are permanent additions to your porch. You might think they are expensive but in fact, they are cost-effective in how to keep rain from blowing in on the porch. For instance, they can be constructed of PVC, fabric, or nylon. The fabrics and nylon will also block out most of the sun while the PVC will let in some sunlight. They are a permanent fixture, however.
  • Covers and storm windows are the best choice because they absolutely guarantee that your porch will stay dry during the storm. The windows are made of glass or fiberglass and will last for years. They can be permanent or seasonal. They are easy to install, remove and re-install. Adding windows adds tremendous value to your porch. However, this is obviously the most expensive option. This is also the only option that gives you any return on your investment. This is not a DIY project either, so be prepared to pay for professional installation.

How To Keep Rain From Blowing In On Porch

Perhaps the most reasonable answer for most homeowners is the vinyl or plastic. This solution won’t only keep the rain out, it will also make your porch an accessible and comfortable living space in cold weather. Best of all, this is not an expensive option. If you love to watch the snowfall without experiencing the cold or enjoy the thunderstorm without worry about the rain, this might be your solution.

Clear panels made of vinyl or plastic are easy to install and remove. You can even replace them with rain curtains in the summer if you want to. These clear vinyl panels are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer and usually, they come with a kit that provides you with everything you need. For instance, a self-install kit is usually included when you order these vinyl cover panels online.

Keeping Rain From Blowing In On Porch

With clear plastic or vinyl panels and enclosures, you might want to include a space heater in the winter, as your porch will not be heated. It will however be weatherproof all year long. Your porch will be protected and your family will have more outdoor space to enjoy anytime. This is a great gift to your family if you live in a four-season environment.

Most of these window covers are custom-made. Most companies making these porch window covers cut their teeth in the marine business and the materials used are marine grade. No one knows how to keep the water out than marine environment experts.

Screen Porch Window Covers Are The Answer

So if you are looking for how to keep rain out of your screen porch, there are many possible solutions. Depending on your budget and what you want your screened porch to be used for, options run the gamut from inexpensive vinyl panels to full-scale storm widows with the high price attached to them.

Do you just want to keep the rain out of the porch you have now? Do you want to create a year-round enclosure that the whole family will enjoy. Is your budget made for high-priced windows and professional installation or are you on a rain curtain budget? No matter what you choose your family and your pets will thank you.